Top 5 Ways To Look and Feel Younger

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It isn’t that women don’t want to grow older. In fact, many women are quite satisfied with the wisdom and devil-may-care attitude that comes as a welcome bonus of their life experience. What they do care about is how much the years show on their faces and bodies. Those concerns are not vain, but rather a continuation of the desire to look and feel their best. If you’re suddenly facing a milestone birthday or simply looking to care for yourself in the future, these are the five things you can do today to look and feel better as you age.

Quit Smoking

Dominique Fradin Read, a board-certified physician and specialist in aging and preventative medicine, advises patients to quit smoking. Not only will it reduce the risk of tobacco-related disease, but it will also keep skin, teeth, and hair looking bright and healthy.

Wear Sunscreen

Even if you were a sunbather in your youth, making it a regular habit to wear sunscreen now can prevent further sun damage and may even reduce your risk of skin cancer. Many products like makeup foundation and moisturizers contain sunscreen, so it can be a simple addition to your daily beauty regimen.

Lose Weight

Scientists are beginning to understand the link between obesity and inflammation, which also correlate to signs of aging.  The bottom line is that if you want to look younger, you’ll need to shed those excess pounds. Besides the outward benefits, weight loss positively impacts health, fitness, and may contribute to the prevention of other diseases.

Cut Sugar

Even if your body mass index is within the normal range, any specialist in weight loss will acknowledge that cutting the sugar is a good idea even for those at their goal weight. Because foods high in sugar are typically pre-packaged and highly processed, limiting those foods will keep many preservatives and other substances out of your diet as well. The more whole foods you are consuming, the more likely it is that you’re getting the nutrition your body needs. Simply put, healthy bodies look younger.

Get Sleep

While it’s difficult for many to get a full night’s sleep, it’s imperative for a younger appearance and healthier body. Sleep does a body good by allowing your natural repair process to take place. Getting adequate rest will also reduce outward signs of tiredness like dark circles and puffy eyes that can make you look older.

Aging gracefully is a gift. By focusing on the ways to look and feel younger, you are giving yourself that greatest gift of all.



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