Tips for Moving Yourself !


If you move a lot, then you might save more money by moving yourself instead of hiring a moving company. If you are ready for the challenge of self-moving, here are a few tips that will make the move smoother:

Use what you have

Instead of wasting money on packing peanuts, you should cover your fragile items in towels and clothing. You can also use old newspapers if you have them. This saves you money because the cost of packing peanuts accumulates especially if you move a lot.

Get a dolly

Dollies do a lot of work and stop you from breaking your back. A single dolly can carry up to 5 boxes in one trip, saving on time. If you do not have money to buy a new dolly, you should consider renting one or borrowing it from a friend. If you are moving a large and heavy appliance by yourself, get an appliance dolly with a strap – this can save you a lot of stress and pain.

Sell or donate items

Do you need every single item that you are packing up? If not, you should consider selling or donating some of them. Go through your clothes and set aside those that you have not worn in the past year – those ones need to go.

Get good boxes

If you move yourself regularly, tapeless boxes are the best choice. They are mainly used for office moves, but you can use them to move houses. Tapeless boxes are not that easy to find; therefore, you should ask some local moving companies if they are willing to sell them to you.

Take pictures before you disassemble

Before you take apart your appliances or furniture for easier loading, make sure that you take pictures with your phone camera. The photos will come in handy when putting everything back together.

Prepare the new home

Preparing your new home before moving day is a great way to save time. Make sure that you paint, clean, and pest proof the house before moving day. This way, you will not have to do these chores on move-in day while the movers are bringing everything inside.

Hazardous cleaners and materials

You should throw away cleaning bottles that are empty. Any remaining ones should be put inside a box with an open top and transported that way. This ensures that you do not turn the box over by mistake during the move.

Ask your friends for help


Your friends can help you move the heavy stuff. Before you invite them over, make sure that you have packed the fragile items and take them out of the way. To make sure that they show up, offer your friends an incentive such as lunch or free drinks.

Consider box weight

Do not just throw all of your items in a giant box. Light items should go into big boxes while heavy ones go into small boxes. The heavier a box is, the more likely it is to break at the bottom when you lift it.

Change locks at your new home

It is important that you change the locks before moving into a new place. The previous owners may still have the key and you do not want to find strangers in your house.

Keep your clothes in dressers

Most of your clothes should stay in the dresser during the move. It makes no sense to take everything out of the dresser only to put it back later. However, if the dresser is heavy, remove some clothes to lighten the load.





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