Things to know before buying a leather sofa

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We select our furniture meticulously, whether it is for the living room, dining room, or for our personal use. When it comes to choosing the upholstery coverings for corner sofas, chairs, footstools, sofa bed, etc. we become extremely selective, and that’s obvious. A person would look for upholstery covering that can not only cover it and keep it safe but also looks good always with minimum maintenance requirement.

Well, the answer is leather. It comes in so many coatings, grains, and textures that you would be confused while selecting them.

Here, in this article, let’s find out the reality of a leather sofa in a comprehensive manner. It will assist you in choosing the best and quality ensured leather sofa to bring a vintage yet modern touch into your home.

Understanding Leather: 

Leather is known for its many qualities. Durable, warm, and, most importantly, a natural product is to name a few of them. Different types of leather have different characteristics making each one of them unique distinctively. It always bears the characters showing that it originates naturally. Some of the styles include growth marks, scratches, different fiber density at different areas, and structure of hair pore.

Grades are another criterion to classify leather. It confuses customers who are delusional that the more expensive it will be, the better will be the quality. However, it is not mandatory because different kinds of leather have varied merits of their own. Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture produces a wide range of beautiful leather furniture. Since the manufacturers provide a diverse range of leather, it is evident if you get confused between it’s a convenience of care and appearance. Yet, leather is an excellent option for traditional as well as a modern sofa.

Types of leather for furniture: 

For chairs and sofa, some kinds of leather are used. The most sturdy and durable leather is pigmented leather. It has a consistent appearance on its surface. On the other hand, aniline leather looks more natural in appearance, but it isn’t soil-resistant. Semi-aniline leather falls somewhere between the pigmented and aniline leather.

Advantages of leather sofa: 


Quality ensured leather sofas are incredibly comfortable. It becomes more comfortable when you combine it with soft cushioning and supporting frames. Professional and experienced team of leather furniture manufacturing inherits the utmost care and attention. They make sure that every individual sofa matches up to your specific needs and comfort standards.

If you would’ve noticed, even psychologists and therapists use leather furniture because they aim to give a comfortable and safe feeling to their patients while undergoing treatment sessions.


Leather is known to be one of the most robust and sustainable materials. Therefore, it is used or different purposes. All it needs is just the right treatment and care to make them last throughout life. Leather has an inherent property of water resistance, which makes it convenient for you to clean easily as compared to fabric sofas. Besides, leather doesn’t accumulate dust and soil, so you don’t need to dust it every day, which is otherwise required in any other sofa upholstery material.

It is also resistant against some level of wear and tear unless your beloved pet scratches it and tears it apart. Naturally, it is a sturdy material and holds up better for daily use.

Terminology of leather 

You would have heard about ‘Grain’ leather. Well, it means the upper surface of leather. It also describes the finely embossed lines covering the top surface of highly finished leathers.

Grain-leather (Corrected)

The topmost layer of this leather receives excellent buffing for the reduction in the appearance of scars.

Full-Grain leather

It is also called top grain leather. Its topmost surface isn’t touched. In this way, its natural origin will be evident, and the natural blemishes or scars will be retained too.

Full-Grain Leather

Full-grain leather — sometimes known as top-grain leather — is a type of leather where the topmost layer has been left untouched. In retaining its natural smooth surface, any natural scars or blemishes will remain as evidence of the hide’s origin.

Aniline leather uses full-grain animal hide, whereas pigmented leather uses corrected grain leather. The semi-aniline uses either of the leather types.


After treating an animal hide with chemicals, it is put into a splitting machine. The machine slices the skin through the thickness. The topmost layer containing the outer surface, which is hardwearing, is then utilized to manufacture upholstery leather furniture.

Other than the topmost surface, the different sections or split do not have any hardwearing. It has a suede appearance on both sides. Therefore, it is included to produce suede products. Some of the cheaper leather production methods include coating one of the split sides using a heavy-pigment layer to form a synthetic grain-surface.





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