The World of the Modern Hidden Camera

While cameras have been commonplace in our culture for several years at this point, there are even more cameras that are seemingly hidden in plain sight. Cameras used to be hard to conceal due to their size, but with years of groundbreaking technology, the camera had been shrinking in size and skyrocketing in quality imagery output. There’s no end in sight for the future of image-recording technology, and 2022 has seen an uptick in subtle cameras you may not even notice.

While it can be unnerving to know that you could be on camera without your knowledge, surveillance cameras can also do a world of good for fighting crime and solving cases. The conversation around citizen surveillance is a long-winded and constant one, and companies like Facebook seem to be pushing the boundary of privacy every year. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most common hidden camera locations in 2022, and discuss the privacy concerns around each one.


RING Doorbells

With home security being a huge concern for many homeowners, brands such as RING have developed doorbells equipped with cameras to monitor who comes to your front or back doors. These devices can usually link directly to your phone, so you will be notified if the camera detects any movement. In addition, these cameras can either be visibly obvious or very subtle and hidden, depending on your preference. An obvious camera is more likely to deter potential break-ins, so most homeowners opt for this choice.

There are little to no privacy concerns regarding RING doorbells and home cameras, as they only film trespassers. These cameras will not collect data other than what you program it to. In fact, RING doorbells have historically assisted neighbors of owners and local police by tracing back figures walking through yards.

Stoplight Cameras

A stoplight camera is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. A small camera is disguised inside of a stoplight, only going off if a car runs a red light or makes an illegal turn. The point of these cameras is to prevent reckless driving, but many drivers have other concerns regarding the surveillance.

Stoplight cameras have been enacted, removed, and re-installed in many states. The opinions on whether these cameras are ethical are quite mixed. Most drivers think they are unnecessary, and make it so that police can enforce tickets without having to do anything. There have been instances of drivers making a turn on yellow and still getting a ticket, causing most civilians to be less supportive of these cameras.

Dashboard Cameras

Dashcams are required for every police officer, and civilians are adopting this tech more than ever before. A dashcam can not only prove your case if you get in an accident, but can also provide valuable evidence in other people’s accidents.

There is good reason for the dashboard camera industry to be projected to grow annually by upwards of 15% in the coming years. Car accidents can often prove confusing and can boil down to your word against another person’s, so a dashcam is a perfect way to plead your case. In addition to the peace of mind you will receive from a dashcam, you may also need to worry about covering it up when you are parked. Since these cams can be pricey, look to avoid break-ins and theft by covering it up when you aren’t in your vehicle.

Ray-Ban Stories

The question of privacy concerns is seen in full effect with Facebook’s recent release of the “Ray-Ban Stories,” a pair of glasses with built-in cameras that are hardly noticeable. These are designed to let others experience life with you, so they can “see through your eyes.” The glasses can take photos with a simple tap, and are quite similar to regular Ray-Bans.

This collaboration with the Ray-Ban brand has caused many people to question Facebook’s motives, and some are calling for the immediate removal of the product. Being able to take photos of anyone, public or private, without their permission is a huge overstep of boundaries, and many would argue that this breach is highly unethical.

While the use of cameras grows every day, we need to be more and more careful about which ones we let in our lives. While some we can deliberately avoid, the Ray-Ban Stories can potentially take a collection of photos of you without you having a shadow of an idea. What do you think about these new camera technologies? We would love to hear your input in the comments.


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