Teaching Your Kids About Redecorating.

Teaching Your Kids About Redecorating

Redecorating a home is an excellent time to get the whole family involved. When parents involve their children in redecorating the home, they are able to teach them valuable lessons about room design, budgeting and how to plan for comfort and functionality. Not only does decorating a room teach children important skills, but it will also inspire them to help to take care of their newly furnished home. Before beginning a room design project with their children, parents will want to plan for ways to teach their children about the following home decorating concepts:

Color Selection

Children love to experiment with color, and their fresh insights can be helpful for parents who are making decisions regarding color selection. However, given their way, many children would color the walls in funky stripes and polka dots. Therefore, this is a great time for parents to discuss the basics of pairing up colors using a color wheel. They can help to explain how certain colors provide contrast to or enhance other colors. Additionally, they can explain how different colors can affect a person’s moods or draw their attention to a specific area.

Planning a Layout

When designing a room, it is important to draw out a layout for the placement of furniture. Parents and their children should discuss the purpose of the room and create a plan for how traffic will flow in the space. During this time, it is a wonderful idea to practice math skills by measuring the room in order to ensure that the new furniture and accessories will fit. Then, a model of the room can be drawn with color swatches included to give a firm overall understanding of how the room will look when it is finished.

Purchasing Furnishings

Once the color scheme and layout of the room are completed, parents should sit down with their children to begin the process of purchasing furniture and accessories. Together, the parents and children can work out a budget to prepare for buying new items. Parents can teach their children about frugal home decor so that they will understand how to find new furniture at reasonable prices while also getting ideas for how to decorate their home.

When parents and children work together on a home redecorating project, everyone can benefit. A good way to proceed is to check out one of the best consumer and home decor online hubs and learn about Ltd Commodities. This will help you to begin prioritizing what you need and what you want. As children share their fresh ideas and parents help to teach new concepts, a new home design will be slowly shaped that will enable the family to share in the joy of a successfully designed living area.


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3 thoughts on “Teaching Your Kids About Redecorating.

  • Wow! Very informative! 🙂 I agree, kids should be taught on how to decorate/redecorate or any art related activities to release their inner talent, who knows, they can be future interior designer or architect or engineer. Plus they will definitely have fun doing it.

  • I’d never thought of using a color wheel… but what we did when my daughter was younger is choose a simple wall color and let her go wild with accessories and peel off wall decor… she can change it more easily that way!

  • Wow, so much info, I never thought about using a color wheel. Maybe one day when we own our own home!


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