Tackling Large Projects in Public Administration Like Climate Change

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Climate change is one of the most significant socio-political problems we face in the world today. With the constant forces of mechanization, there is an increase in global warming and climate change. These changes are affecting our health in a variety of fashions. From the ozone layer being deteriorated, creating higher concentrations of harmful UV rays; to highly infectious prehistoric viruses surfacing into our atmosphere after millions of years of frozen fossilization, to mass extinctions of animals, climate change is affecting all of us. And it seems, it will only continue to get worse. It is up to large organizations and public administrations to collectively piece their resources together to create a solution for the increasing problems of global warming. In this article, we will outline a couple of suggestions on how public administration masters can effectively create solutions for climate change.

Institutionalized transportation

A major cause of global warming is the emission of gases released by our vehicles. In order to combat one of the greatest problems facing society today, the government and public administrations need to invest more taxpayer dollars into renewable forms of transportation. More capital needs to be invested in electric vehicles like Tesla, while also creating competition to continue to drive market forces towards creating cheaper, more effective products.

Other alternatives to fossil fuels are bio-generated energy. There is a company called Global Algae Innovations that is creating an alternative form of fuel that can revolutionize the way we transport our vehicles. The company is a leader in low-cost algae production technologies, and their mission is to change the world by harnessing the unparalleled productivity of algae to provide food and fuel for the world, thus dramatically improving the environment, economy and quality of life for everyone. The fuel generated by this company is just as efficient as gasoline, diesel or jet, merely much cleaner! Reducing global warming by eliminating water impairment and deforestation, algae farms are capable of producing 40,000 times the amount of resources of the standard agricultural acre.

Off the Grid Solutions

Other alternatives to global warming are creating additional methods to heat and cool our homes. A startup company called Touch Light Innovations is planning on revolutionizing the way we collect energy in a commercialized building. By creating a grid in our hallways and sidewalks, it can collect the connecting energy of our pedestrian traffic, driving that force directly back into the buildings! The company is creating a solution that will provide the elimination of traditional diesel power electric grids, which will ultimately contribute to the decrease in global warming.

Another startup company the government should consider supporting is a telecommunications company called Always Obelisk Network. It is a company that intends to revolutionize the energy and telecommunications industry by creating a turnkey renewable cell tower that relies solely on wind and solar power. By doing so, it can create a high-speed Wi-Fi zone for over fifty miles. These towers are completely self-sufficient; they do not need to be connected to traditional infrastructural diesel generated grids. The company offers massive innovation to the telecommunications industry by providing the government with the ability to create independent networks in rural communities. The towers produce a surplus of power which is enough to effectively maintain more than six American homes.

Our government needs to take a strong look at startup companies that were mentioned above, and invest our citizen’s hard paying tax dollars for the future. By providing innovators with the capital that they need to flourish, they will be in a better position to serve their customers and global community. The government is in a better position to support these startup companies, more so than any bank or venture capital firm. The fact is, there is no institution better equipped to get the public on board than the government itself. Public administration needs to stimulate local action by providing incentives and alternatives to the old way of operating our economy. If we ever intend to rise from the industrial age, we as a people need to learn to stand together to support the innovations of tomorrow. By investing our collective resources into innovative solutions, we have a better chance of creating prosperity and eliminating global climate change, once and for all.




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