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Super Heroic Helps To bring Out The Super Hero In Your Kids!

Over the holidays I had a chance to be introduced to the company Super Heroic. When I saw what Super Heroicwas offering I couldn’t help but be curious! Especially since their product deals with children  I couldn’t wait to see Super Heroic arrive.

I’m sure by now you may be asking What is Super Heroic? Well, they are sneakers but wait, these are not your average pair of sneakers, no sire! You see Super Heroic is a shoe company that developed shoes to help your children expand their imagination or movement. Trust me when I say, when they arrive the kids will be floored by the unique packaging, the way the shoes are stored within the tube and of course the shoes.
There’s no doubt your child won’t feel like a Star with every step they take.


 Not only are these shoes cool but they are well designed and will provide your little guy or girl with great support, durability and style.  Now when you turn the lid to open, you’ll hear a special sound from the tube, this will surely surprise your kids.

Inside your Super Heroic tube is a dual-function bag, shoes and cape! The TUMBLR v1 retails for $79.99 via their website.
Jordan was so excited he went ahead and opened his tube and places his shoes on. He actually ran around for hours in them and yes, he had his cape on, but he wouldn’t allow me to take his picture…lol. He went on to say he’s his own Super Heroic hero now and I so agree with him! He’s strong minded, love helping others and love having fun!

The shoes Features:
 Dual Density Midsole and Multiple Surface Sole
Seemless Interior
Adjustable Utility Strap
Sidewall Grip
What Sets Them Apart?

There are some very important key features in these shoes, they’re not your average shoes located at other retailers. The TMBLR v1 is designed to inspire creativity and promote running. “For playground use only” is printed on the heel of the shoe which just goes to show how seriously Super Heroic takes playtime.This Footwear also works in sync with kids movements. No laces, no sock liner, just a perfect fit. With dual density performance midsole technology for comfort, midsole sidewall traction ridges for grip and offset durable rubber outsole for balance, this footwear is designed for stability on uneven surfaces.

The mission of the Super Heroic Shoes:Remember that feeling of running so fast that it felt like your legs would fall off, spinning around until you couldn’t stand and climbing until you could see the whole world?

Play is good for the soul. Our mission at Super Heroic is to empower our children with the power of play, through our products. We’ve put all of our passion and dedication into designing footwear that keeps up with their movements, inspires them to discover new places and encourages them to hold onto that invincible feeling of play.

You can learn more when visit Super Heroic  and don’t forget to connect with Super Heroic via their social media sites: Facebook| Instagram.

Howdy everyone, I just wanted to inform you that I was not compensated for this post. However, I did receive a product from the company below and the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines. All prize fulfillment will be provided by Sponsors.


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19 thoughts on “Super Heroic Helps To bring Out The Super Hero In Your Kids!

  • The shoes look of high quality and the stitching is perfect. THanks for the great review.

  • We have an enclosed area in our backyard where it’s safe for our son to run around in. He would have a super fun time in his cape and knock-out shoes.

  • Anything to expand my imagination. Love it

  • These are so cool! My son would love! And hey, anything that entices imaginative play in children is great in my opinion! Thanks!

  • I have never heard of these before. My grandchildren would love these. I will check them out soon. God Bless

  • I love this! We try to get Carter to feel like a superhero and he does at times. He makes his cape out of his favorite blankie from when he was little 🙂 Very cool that a company focused on this too!

  • These are very unique!

  • Those look like super fabulous shoes!

  • They sound like great shoes. Too bad my kids are too old for these.

  • I think these are great. I am sure any kid would love it!

  • Cute idea! I like that it is appealing to kids and that they encourage running around and exercise!

  • These are different looking, they look comfy though!

  • My granddaughter would love these. She is always being a super hero

  • These look so comfortable and easy for kids to manage. They would be great for my grandson.

  • My youngest nephew would get a kick out of these. They look like they would excite kids!

  • These Shoes look fantastic! Love them, and know that both of my Grandchildren would love them, too!

  • This sounds like something my nephew would enjoy.

  • Anything to expand kids imaginations is fantastic. Love this


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