Start Your 2022 Resolutions Now – 8 Ways to Improve Your Family’s Health

Many of us have good intentions when we make our New Year’s resolutions, but many of us also forget all about them in a month or two. It’s especially hard to keep a resolution when you’re the only one in the family or household who has made a resolution. Have you ever considered making a New Year’s resolution as a family? Doing it as a family will not only make it more fun but can also make it easier to keep the resolutions because everyone is accountable. If it’s true that there is strength in numbers, your family will all be stronger and find it easier to keep the resolutions. Here are some great resolutions you and your family can make and keep.

Be Thankful

At Thanksgiving, many families hold hands and tell one thing of which they’re thankful. There is no rule that says this can only be done on Thanksgiving. The world as a whole has gone through some very difficult times, and we all have much to be grateful for. Feeling and announcing what we’re grateful for can not only improve your mood but is also better for your overall physical and mental health. Research shows that people with grateful dispositions suffer from a lot fewer health issues, including insomnia, headaches, and stomachs. They’re also much more pleasant to be around than someone with a negative attitude about life. Showing gratitude as a family can take place in a few different ways. You can all add something you’re grateful for at the dinner table or write it on paper once a week.

Doing for Others

It’s a known fact that we all feel better about ourselves when we’re helping others. If your kids need to clean their rooms, why not have them each help the other? You and your family might want to volunteer at the local shelter or some other organization in need of volunteers. Your children might get a kick out of helping an elderly neighbor take out the trash, mow the lawn, or shovel snow. Whether you all are serving others inside the home or out of the home, it’s a great thing to do as a family.

Eat Healthier

From the time we were little, all of us have been urged to eat our fruits and vegetables. Every year, millions of people make going on a diet and losing weight their top New Year’s Resolution. If you and your family all make the resolution to eat more vegetables and fruit, the resolution can work for the entire family. Even if some of you don’t need to lose weight, healthy eating can also improve your mental health, physical health, and energy level. If your fridge is stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, your family will be more inclined to eat them.

Exercising as a Family

Regardless of the busy world we all live in, we seldom get the exercise we need. We may be tired from a busy day, yet we often get little real exercise. You don’t need to have a gym membership to exercise with your family. Make a resolution to get out there and exercise as a family. If you don’t want to turn your basement into a home gym, that’s OK. You can ride bikes, go on walks, go jogging, or check out local nature trails.

Let’s All Cook

If you’ve ever spent hours cooking a meal only to have your kids say they didn’t like it (without even trying it), you know the frustration. Cooking can be a lot of fun. Consider either cooking as a family or giving each family member a meal to cook. They can ask for suggestions or choose what they want to make. While you may want to be around for assistance, allow your child to do most of the cooking. It will not only teach them a valued skill but will also show them how hurtful and unfair criticism can be. Remember to make the meal selection age-appropriate so the child can do it on his own without feeling overwhelmed.

Upgrade Your Mattresses

Sleep is one of the most overlooked activity that can lead to better overall health. First, take a look at your current sleeping arrangement. Second, identify everyone’s sleep habits. Are you a back sleeper while your partner is a side sleeper? Maybe you have a bad back and need an adjustable bed. If you can gain an extra 5-10% better sleep it will make a huge difference. 

Get Outside More as a Family

It seems like as soon as the warm weather arrives, we’re telling our kids to get outside and get some fresh air. This may be ideal to some kids, but it may be a battle to get others away from their TVs, phones, and video games. Why not do it as a family? Make a resolution to do things outside as a family once or twice a week. Things you can do include grilling out, going for walks, walking the dogs, jogging, bicycling, shooting hoops, or playing many other yard games.

Reading Really is Good for the Family

In a world filled with cell phones and video games, we seldom see young people reading anymore unless it’s for a school assignment. Even school work is often done on a phone or similar device. Consider going to the library as a family. Regardless of what different interests your family may have, the library will have something to offer. Another option is to find a book that everyone will enjoy and read a chapter each night with a different family member reading each time. Your family will come to love this family time, and reading is a great pastime.


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