Should you DIY or Call Professionals for Fixing the Plumbing Problem?

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In the age of the internet and YouTube, DIY has become a rage. Especially when you find that the repair work can cost you a lot of money, and most of that towards labor costs. However, costs should not be your prime motivation factor in undertaking a plumbing experiment. It is important to remember the 24 hour plumber Denver comes with professional skill & years of experience that is crucial in long-term solutions.

Hence you need to have sufficient experience in assessing the plumbing problem and weigh the situation and the consequences well before you decide to tackle the problem on your own or hire professionals to do the work.

Let’s take a close look at different types of plumbing issues and the advisable course of action. The more complicated or unsafe the situation, the least urge you should have to tackle it on your own. 

If you do have the interest to tackle some of the simpler situations on your own, make sure you have a basic plumbing kit and some practice with practical aspects, like turning on and off the water supply well before an emergency comes calling. It is important to understanding the plumbing & the water supply network. You should develop a fair idea of whether there is a common stopcock or valves across the pipework that can temporarily cut off the supply of a particular patch

Situations that can be tackled on your own without much prior experience

  • Clogged Toilets

Most clogged toilets are easy to handle and can be undertaken without any tension. A good plunger can help you get rid of the problem quickly, most of the time. If the problem occurred before you got yourself a plunger, some amount of dish soap and hot water should also do the trick. You should leave the soap for half an hour before pouring in hot water unless the problem is more complicated. 

  • Faucet Leaks

It can be an ideal DIY plumbing project for the newbie plumbing enthusiast. A dripping faucet can unnecessarily increase your water bill and waste a lot of precious water too. So getting the parts from a local store and having the common tools handy, this problem can be tackled without the labor costs

  • Blocked Sink Drains

This problem can also be tackled sufficiently using a plumbing snake to clear the blockage. You can even use the plunger, and if the drain is still slow, sprinkle baking soda generously and pour hot water over it. This will clean out any residue and clear the drain. 

Some of the plumbing issues that can be tackled by experienced 

  • Garbage Disposal Leak

Though the garbage disposal machine can be repaired, it will need enough prior experience to assess the source and resolve the issue. Handling any electrical item requires sufficient caution and experience and hence should not be undertaken unless you’ve been fixing similar things around the house for long

  • Repairing frozen pipes

It can be a nightmare; however, it is essential to try to assess and resolve the problem before calling for expert help. You can locate the frozen section and apply a little heat through a hot towel, hairdryer, or space heater. Do not use a flame as it can cause the pipe to burst. 

  • Replacing a Toilet

Most people would not like to do this themselves, however, if you are interested, sufficiently experienced in plumbing DIY you may like to handle it yourself. This may not be very complicated work but can take a toll on your time, so plan well.

Plumbing work is Best done by experts

There are some of the activities that should be left to the experts and you should call them when these occur

  • Installing or repairing a Geyser

Water heaters need to be installed properly as a faulty installation can prove to be very dangerous for the family. It’s is important that you do not try to tackle it on your own when it comes to installing or repairing a geyser as they hold a sufficient quantity of scalding water at high pressure and if not installed properly may even burst.

  • Fixing Broken Pipes

Apart from just replacing the broken pipe, it is important to find out the cause and hence experts should inspect the entire plumbing system and replace all such portions that show the risk of breakdown.

  • Bathroom Makeovers

It is prudent to call for experts as you often need some licenses and permissions to undertake these activities. So you don’t want to end up paying more fines than the amount you save by handling it yourself.

Therefore, it is smart to assess and plan your plumbing projects well as per your interest, practice, and the time at hand before rushing to do anything on your own.



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