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Marketing is a crucial aspect of a business. One of the significant ways through which you can boost your brand outreach is by attending business exhibition shows. Establishing your niche in a competitive trade show requires you to have an outstanding trade show booth.

Partnering with ExpoMarketing, a leading company in creating trade-show booths and exhibition solutions boosts your trade-show performance. Through years of experience in the trade show sector, the company has earned recognition in providing design booths and innovative business-expo solutions through excellent services.

Trade Show Services

If you’re new to trade shows, shouldering the entire trade show program can be burdening. You can have peace of mind knowing that a team of experts is helping you achieve your business goals. Here are some of the valued services ExpoMarketing offers.

Booth Design

There is more to the design process than just mastering where to place the lounging area, light accents, furniture, and demo area. What you need is a design which resonates with your products. The essence of participating in a business expo is to build partnerships, interact with potential consumers, and create awareness of newly rolled-out products. Our collaborative in-house is ready to listen to your design preference to ensure you have the perfect booth for your business.

Project Management

ExpoMarketing invests in a dedicated team that excels in project management and can offer assistance at every stage of your trade show program. From the submission of critical registration documents and meeting regulatory requirements to shipping logistics and labor matters; we can handle all these details, leaving you with the sole mandate of achieving your business objectives.

Graphics Design

The graphics featured on your custom trade show displays should evoke some emotional connection with your audience from the story they tell regarding your brand. If you lack an in-house team of graphic designers or are short on time to come up with excellent graphics, let ExpoMarketing become your brand ambassador. Our experts will help your business stand out from the rest of the competition.

Booth Construction

Whatever your budget, ExpoMarketing can engineer and construct the kind of booth you prefer. The company utilizes high-grade materials with great attention to detail to ensure your exhibit appears aesthetically appealing. We always look for ways to alleviate unnecessary expenses. That’s why we use cost-effective solutions to bring down costs on storage, maintenance, and labor.

Audio and Visual Solutions (A/V)

Our excellence in creating trade show booths goes beyond graphics and designs. We also strive to provide excellent audio and visual effects that make your exhibit to have a lasting impact on the mind of your target audience. A/V effects are becoming a popular thing. We partner with renowned tech brands to bring you top-notch projection mapping, virtual reality (VR), among others.

Be an Exception Among the Crowd

Dealing with all that needs to be done in a trade show can pose a challenge to a first-time participant. Regardless of your years in your business sector, it is always critical to stand out during a business exhibition show. ExpoMarketing brings efficiency to the process, ensuring that your booth is what captures the eyes of attendees. Our design team can suggest an exhibit design that meets your budget. Through effective and creative display techniques, many attendees will trickle to your booth with great curiosity to understand your brand.



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