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One medium-sized company prepares about 4,000 official documents per year. This takes about 16,000 sheets of paper. If you add certificates, subscriptions, and licenses, you get another 4,000 sheets. This number is approximately equal to two felled trees. It seems a little, but you should think about how many trees each person destroys. Provide your company with the possibility to e-sign documents. E-signature can save money and time on scanning and printing documents. Moreover, the introduction of an electronic signature can increase your business turnover and reduce paper consumption. 

E-signature Meaning

An electronic signature, or e-signature, is a digital equivalent of a handwritten one. It is used to confirm documents, agreements, or contracts. Its integration will be useful not only for large companies but also for small private enterprises. By accelerating the workflow, your business can develop faster.

How to Make It?

SignNow is an American e-signature provider. It helps you to sign documents or agreements online. To create your electronic signature, you can use the following options:

  • Writing a signature on the touchpad using your finger or stylus;


  • Transferring your hand-written signature to the system;


  • Writing with a mouse;


  • Typing your name on the keyboard and changing its font to a “signature.” 

Easy and Handy

SignNow provides easy file signing on all types of devices. You can use it both on the go on your mobile and from the workplace on your computer. You don’t need to download the mobile app. Here are the steps to sign documents on the site:

  1. Open your browser. 

       2. Login or register on the website. 

       3. Download the required document.

       4. Add the fields you want to the document. 

       5. Create or upload your signature.

       6. Save the file.

       7. If the document needs to be signed by some other people, click Invite to Sign. Then enter the e-mails of the people you want.

You can also download a mobile application. It’s easy to use and navigate and secure.

View from the Outside

The SignNow platform has 438 positive reviews on the respected revocable resource titled Capterra. It is rated 4.6 out of 5 there. Many users highlight the increase in sales and orders from customers in other countries. An electronic signature allows contracts to be concluded remotely, which expands business opportunities.

Another advantage noted by users is a professional-looking website. Both clients and partners feel confident when signing contracts by SignNow.

Businessmen also note the convenience of the bulk invite feature. It allows turning any PDF document, agreement, or contract into a template. Make a document with your signature. Save it as a template and send it to multiple users at once. You don’t need to create additional files. Use this template for different conventions. If necessary, you can edit the template and add the required fields. Thanks to this possibility, you can save a lot of time.

Reliable Resource

SignNow is a legally recognized company. Its e-signature technology corresponds to the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act. It is the federal law of the United States that regulates the use of electronic signatures and enforces contracts in electronic form. The SignNow security system is designed in such a way that no one can view or change documents with your signature without your knowledge. You will be immediately warned about this. Thus, you can be sure of its safety.

Cheap but Rich

SignNow shows up from the line of alike companies for its cost. For example, the cheapest DocuSign plan costs $10 per month per user, Adobe Sign – $14.99, PDFfiller – $20. The pricing is the cheapest here. Moreover, you can take advantage of a free 7-days trial and explore all SignNow features. 

The Business plan costs $8. The opportunities involved are:

  • Multiple senders. You can top up to 10 additional users to your account for an extra price.


  • Documents sending. You can send any contract, document, or agreement to one or many receivers for a sign. 


  • Different languages. Feel free to cooperate with foreign partners. Your clients or partners can read and sign a document in the native language. 


  • Unlimited templates. Create and save as many documents as you need to.


  • Mobile app. Download an easy-to-use application and sign your documents on the go.


  • Reminder. Be assured that receivers won`t forget to sign your document thanks to automatic notifications.


  • Basic options. Get access to the signature, templates, checkbox, dropdown, and radio.


  • Monitoring. Keep track of all your documents and save their tracking history.


  • Cloud archiving. Connect iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Azure Data Box, and other cloud drives and export your documents for saving.


  • Clients support. Get assistance anytime from the live chat support.


  • 1 team. Stream your workflows and share signed documents, templates, and contracts with your team.

The Business Premium plan is a bit more expensive. It costs $10. But with it, you get access to all the Business fields and also to several additional options:

  • Unlimited teams. You can create documents and share them with multiple teams.


  • Personalized docs. Create files with your brand symbolic. Such documents will set off your company from competitors.


  • CSV files. Use CSV format to send files to many receivers at once.


  • Signing link. Share the signing link without adding the e-mail of the recipient.

The broadest plan is called the Enterprise, and it costs $30. It includes all the Business Premium fields plus more advanced options and extra threat protection. 

In the era of technological progress, the electronic signature gradually replaces the manual one. It saves time, speeds up the workflow, and significantly reduces paper consumption. Join the new era. Create an e-signature.




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