Ryan Seacrest Shines in ‘Best of” Moments for “LIVE”

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It was quite the year for the “LIVE with Kelly and Ryan” show. Hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest welcomed a myriad of new guests to the set as they delighted audiences with their antics and fun-loving personal connection.

It is hard to narrow down the highlights of 2018, but the staff of the show gave it a shot. A variety of producers and audience coordinators weighed in on their personal favorite moments of the year. In no particular order, here are the best moments of the year for this dynamic talk show duo:

MISHA MAKES COOKIES: It is no surprise that producer Michael Gelman picked a moment that involved his teenage daughter, Misha. This highlight was a part of the program’s annual Thanksgiving cooking week extravaganza. During this week, special family guests are invited to the show to share their favorite Thanksgiving recipes. In this episode, Misha joined Michael, Ryan, and Kelly to make her favorite gingersnap cookies. The proud father clearly delighted in having his daughter join him on the set with his colleagues.

FLOSSING WORLD RECORD BROKEN: Kelly and Ryan’s attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Record’s flossing moves was also a staff favorite. The lovable talk show hosts needed to perform the popular dance move for one consecutive minute with at least 250 other people joining along in order to break the record. After taking to the streets of New York City, the pair was able to recruit enough people to join in on the fun. Despite the rain, the group pulled it off and broke the world record of flossing.

TRIVIA CONTEST FUN: Producer Lori Schulweis is charged with running the daily trivia contest. It is not uncommon for this segment of the program to feature some of the funniest moments of each episode. Schulweis selected a montage of the best interactions of the season for her pick of 2018. You never know what you are going to get when you get a stranger on the line to try to win a trip and these contestants certainly delivered.

DAILY DANCE MOVES: “LIVE” also has a tradition of selecting a live audience member to be the daily dancer to introduce the trivia contest. The audience coordinators love the opportunity to screen the audience to find the perfect dancer. Being a daily dancer is a bucket list item for many people. And the excitement is certainly obvious once they get on the live television stage.

AMERICAN IDOL VISITS IN COSTUME: And who could forget the day that Ryan’s fellow “American Idol” colleagues visited the set of “LIVE?” Judge Katy Perry arrived in a sloth costume, accompanied by Lionel Ritchie dressed as a panda bear, and Luke Bryan decked out as an American eagle. Ryan Seacrest took the opportunity to talk to the judges about all of the best behind the scenes moments of “American Idol.” This segment was highlighted by Kelly running a “who is more likely” quiz for the four “American Idol” stars, resulting in many laughs.

Who knows what the future will hold for 2019? One thing we are sure of is that Kelly and Ryan will continue to entertain millions as they get everyone’s day off to the right start.



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