The Role of Reading in Vocabulary Improvement.

This article discovers an importance of reading in vocabulary improvement, the key benefits of reading and the influence of different books.


Reading is not just a great habit that improves your brain activities and memory; it also has advantages that are more beneficial. The improvement of your vocabulary is one of the top features of reading. In addition, there are much more reasons why reading is so important.

Children and Vocabulary Improvement

When it comes to little children, it is crucial to explain then the importance and benefits of reading. While TV shows only provide some images and allow having a fun time, a good book from, for example, expands child’s outlook significantly, describes in detail how the world works and why it is so important to love nature and respect people around us. Reading is a way of affecting the formation of child’s tastes and preferences. Since children are fond of identifying themselves with the positive characters of the book, reading helps to follow the good examples of behavior. There is nothing better than a book to help to develop both logical thinking and great creativity. Moreover, reading increases vocabulary, memory, imagination, and teaches writing sentences correctly. Children, who likes to read, always find out numerous new words.

Adults and Vocabulary Improvement

Reading books to children is definitely a great tradition. However, no one should forget that it is also very useful for adults to read books regularly. Reading as a positive habit must be regular for both children and adults. It is great that nowadays many people are fond of reading, and teach their children to spend a free time with books as well. Besides, a love of reading always comes from childhood, so it is the best time to teach your kid to love reading. There is no surprise that reading is an important educational matter for children

Reading and Vocabulary Improvement

From the abovementioned it is clear that reading expands vocabulary significantly. When you read, you are dealing with numerous new words that are not often used in everyday speech. In addition to increasing of vocabulary, reading also increases the overall literacy. Therefore, reading is a great way to act more intelligent. Moreover, reading is very useful not only when you deal with your native language, but also when you are trying to learn foreign languages. Regular reading helps to better understand and remember new material, especially when you are learning a new language. There is no need to try to read an original book almost immediately; it is much easier to begin your study of foreign language with adapted books.


Reading is a crucial when you want to have a good mood and a great psychological health. It helps to improve your vocabulary significantly, increase the overall literacy, to get rid of insomnia and even to become a better and cleverer person.




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