When is the Right Time to Allow Your Child to Use a Phone?

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Some parents tend to be too conservative in allowing their children to use their phones. They ban the use of the device entirely up until they reach high school. Others are more flexible and allow their children to use the phone at a young age. As a parent, these different parenting styles might seem confusing. When is the perfect time to allow your child to use a phone?

Set the rules first

If you have a child old enough to understand the rules that you set, it means that you can start to discuss using a phone. You can talk to your child regarding the need to follow these rules. It needs to be clear when to use the phone and when to stop. If your child still can’t understand why you have rules, it might be risky to allow the use of the phone.

School-age is the best time

When your child is going to school, it might be the best time to allow the use of a phone. Your child might need it to study. The internet contains a library of information that your child will want to know. The school can’t provide everything, so you have to consider the benefits of using a phone. However, it also needs to be clear that phones are only for educational purposes. Perhaps, you might allow an hour to play games or other forms of entertainment, but you can’t go beyond that limit.

Set parental controls

Although there are benefits in using a mobile device, there are risks that come with it. As such, it’s crucial to use parental controls so that you will be on top of everything. It means that you can prevent your child from opening adult content. You can also block sites or apps that are unnecessary or inappropriate for your child’s age. Once you have installed parental controls, you will feel confident to allow your child to use the device.

Use of radiation blockers

It’s also okay to allow your child to use the phone if you already have radiation blockers. You can easily purchase them online if you can’t find any in local stores. Apart from the risks of using the Internet, exposure to radiation is also another risk. Therefore, you can only allow your child to use the device if you have effective radiation blockers like the ones you can find at www.lifeenergysolutions.com. Talk to your child about the need to have this device when using the phone. It’s available as jeweler or other accessories.

You can tell if your child is ready to use a mobile device. If you think it’s not yet the right time, you have to explain why. However, you can’t prevent the use of mobile devices forever. Technology is the road to the future, and you don’t want to let your child feel left out. As long as the device is only for educational and informative purposes, there’s nothing wrong with it.




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