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How to Reverse the Aging Effect on Your Skin

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Once you hit your 40’s, there are two things you need to start looking out for- a solid retirement plan that will back you up as you reach your 60’s and ways to save your youthful glow. While you might as well figure out the first part yourself, we can help you with the second part. There exist no formulae that would reverse your aging skin, however there are a few means by which you can preserve your existing persona without involving procedures like Botox or surgery. Fore immediate results, you can try:


1. Proper Cleansing

Cleansing is the most vital yet taken for granted act that women tend to do. For every age, there is a different level of care required, but if you want to keep that glow kicking, you need to invest your time into cleansing. From face washes, to cleansing milks and even scrubs, invest in the ones that contain the word anti-aging. While you would be tempted to use peel-off masks, do not include them into your daily routine for they pull the skin and you don’t want to put on any extra stress on your skin. Because the skin around your neck tends to wrinkle easily, there exist a variety of drugstore neck products that would help battle with that pesky loose skin.

2. Make Your Health a Priority

Let’s face it, your general health will determine the sort of skin you will get, so why not take care of it? Drinking alcohol, smoking and even drinking less water all impact our skin in the worst ways, therefore in order to get a fresh face, you need to quit most of these habits. Exercising, meditating, doing yoga and sleeping on time are some things you need to make an priority as well. These lifestyle changes will all promote a better blood flow, better nutrients, better health and a better skin.

3. Reduce Toxic Exposure

In addition to all the pollution and intoxicants, you need to protect yourself from the basking sun as well. Sun-screens with higher SPF values (ideally more than 30) will be your best friends, including a good skin care routine. And while you are taking care of your outside, don’t forget to flush out the pollutants and harmful chemicals from the inside as well. There is a reason why the Chinese tend to have great skins and green teas.

4. Resort to Natural Ingredients

Another thing that happens once you hit your 40’s is that your system tends to slow down overtime. This means you should not box it too much with anti-aging products. These items are there to help but excessive use will only harm you rather than benefit you. Natural ingredients like coconut, tea tree, chamomile essential oils and aloe Vera are known to have age reversing qualities and zero side effects.

5. Manage Stress Effectively

Stress is an unwanted guest, but you have to treat it right. Chronic stress can take a toll on you mentally and physically both and nothing can age you quick like stress can. Therefore, its necessary for you to keep it in check by practicing activities that tend to bust stress for you. Yoga, pilates and martial arts are the most common stress busting activity. However, if you can’t seem to get a grip on stress, then the problem might be serious like depression or anxiety, therefore don’t hesitate to call in professional medical help.


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