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Rehab: Is It Time to Check In?

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There’s a fine line between having an unhealthy habit and being addicted to something, but it’s important to keep an eye on your behavior, thoughts, and feelings towards the addictive substances you use as they can quickly become a serious problem. Rehabilitation centers are the best cure for addiction but it’s hard to know when you might need to check into one. You can admit yourself and receive drug rehab treatment at any stage of an addiction, but here are some signs to look out for which will tell you when it is definitely time to get that help.


When you feel that you have lost control when it comes to whether or not you consume a substance, it’s a sign that you may have underlying issues that are causing you to lean heavily on this form of relief. You may need help in determining what these could be, how to find alternative solutions, and how to detox from this substance. If you have tried but have been unsuccessful, it is another sign that you might need help.

Paying attention to your thoughts during this time is important, as if you find yourself dismissing responsibility for your actions and believing you have no choice, you may have a serious addiction problem. Furthermore, many addicts find that they become so reliant on a substance that they have little interest in anything else, so boredom and a mental focus on the substance is something else to look out for


When you become an addict, your behavior will change in a number of ways. Some addicts believe themselves to be fully functioning, but there are always at least subtle signs. If you notice yourself behaving out of character you need to pay attention, as this is an important sign that your addiction might be taking control of you, for example if you develop a short temper.

You might also find yourself having a lack of judgement when it comes to putting yourself and others in danger, for example you might drive whilst under the influence because you can’t priorities staying safe over drinking. In most cases, those around you; family and friends, will notice changes in your behavior and will voice their concerns to you. This is a sure sign that you need to get help.


When an addiction takes over you will find yourself prioritizing it over everything else and dedicating an awful lot of time to it. Going way out of your way to access the substance is a sign that you have become reliant on it, as is putting things like collecting your children from school behind accessing it, in terms of importance.

If you notice that you need more and more of the substance in order for it to have an effect, you’re building up a tolerance due to excessive use. And if you experience cravings and withdrawal symptoms when you go for a while without it, it’s another sign that it may have got the better of you, and you should seek help with your addiction.

Changes in your behavior, questionable prioritization of responsibilities, and an inability to say no or go a while without the substance are all signs that you may have crossed the line between a habit and an addiction. This means you should get in touch with your local rehabilitation center. has more articles that can help you manage your addiction, such as how to cope with prescription drug addiction treatment.



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