The Productivity Hacker’s Toolkit: 6 Essentials For 2017!

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Perhaps one of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to be more productive. Whether this productivity is at home, work, or on the go, productivity requires a great deal of planning in advance. When deciding to become more productive, it is wise to begin searching for ways in which you can become more productive. Luckily, there are several life hacks to help you become more productive than you were before. Most of these hacks are fairly simple and easy to build into a habit.

Becoming more productive in your daily life can be a fun and exciting adventure. From planning your days to scheduling your daily tasks, you can be sure to increase your productivity. You might even create several healthy habits for yourself, helping reduce the stress that your daily life might throw at you. Don’t be afraid to test out some of the below hacks, and don’t be afraid to change up the hacks to fit your lifestyle. Productivity is right around the corner for you. A few of the most popular productivity hacks are listed and described below.

Single Task

A good rule of thumb, when starting productivity planning, is to give yourself single tasks each day. These tasks can be easy or small tasks that you know you can accomplish during the day. The easier the task is at the start, the better that task is for increasing your productivity. By finishing the easy or small tasks each day, you will trick yourself into feeling more productive. This feeling of productivity will lead you to do harder and longer tasks. Elite Daily has an excellent article referencing this particular productivity hack.


The quickest way to feeling more productive in your daily life is to declutter. This act of decluttering doesn’t necessarily mean just cleaning out the junk in your home or office. It can also mean to clean out junk from your life. If there are things which take up your time that could be spent elsewhere, get rid of it. You will begin to feel more productive instantly, and your time will be saved for other important tasks.


Schedules are important parts of everyone’s life. They help to manage time and daily tasks without overloading you. If you are trying to be more productive in other areas of your life, try making a schedule can help you manage your time greatly. Try making a short schedule for just one day to see if this hack helps your productivity rise. Taskque provides a list of productivity hacks, featuring this particular hack about scheduling.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Prioritizing is another valuable part of life. In fact, you probably prioritize things every day without even realizing it. You can also improve your daily productivity by prioritizing your daily tasks. Which task needs to be completed first? Which task can wait for another day if you run out of time? Making sure that your priorities for your daily tasks are in order can help you manage time. This prioritizing is a great hack to couple with scheduling for optimal productivity.

Make a Routine

Routines are a great way to be productive. If you have things that you must do each day—such as exercise, prepare meals or other chores—you can create a daily routine that helps with your time management. As mentioned, time management is crucial to your productivity, and by creating a routine, you have already begun to prioritize your daily tasks. Everyone has things that they complete each day. By considering these things and the time they take to complete, you can fill in the remainder of your day around your routine.

Energy Management

Just like with time management, you need to manage your energy. The thought of energy management might seem strange at first, but it is a good idea. There are hours during the day when you are not as energized as other hours. In recent years, many knowledge workers have started to understand the importance of mood when it comes to increasing productivity.

Indeed, research shows that the driver of creative work is not only our systems and habits, but our unique state of mind — our mood — at any given point in time. By managing our energy wisely, we maintain an optimal state of mind, and are thus able to stay productive throughout the day.

Choose things that require a great amount of energy to do during the times of high energy. The management of energy can also be related to prioritizing your tasks. You know your body better than anyone else. Use this knowledge to schedule your tasks wisely. For more on the productivity benefits that come from energy management, check out this article.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Sleep is important. You have probably heard this more than once in your life. It is true. However, that sleep is vastly important for your daily life. If you want to be more productive at home or work, sleep is essential to giving you enough energy to make it through the day. Consider a tedious and difficult task on your schedule for the next day. If you don’t adequate sleep, you will not be rested enough to finish the task or do the task right. Can you see why sleep is important to productivity now?


Being productive can be beneficial to your daily health. Productivity helps you to prioritize, schedule, and stay on task. With all of this focus on being productive, your brain will be stimulated like it has never been stimulated before. There are many great ways to stay productive while at home or work.

With all of the hacks for productivity out there, how do you know which hacks are right for you or your lifestyle? The answer to this question is simple. All you have to do is take a day or a few hours to test the productivity hacks. If you find yourself being more productive by using them, try utilizing them in your daily life. Staying on task doesn’t have to be difficult, and being more productive can be fun and beneficial. You can lower your stress level and even create good habits for yourself. No matter which hacks you choose to boost your productivity, you can count on finding the right ways for your lifestyle. You will soon find that becoming productive can be a fun adventure.




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