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When it comes to educational toys for the holidays Learning Resources has you covered. They have all kinds of tys that inspire young minds. You can’t go wrong giving the gift of learning. There is something for every child on your list and ever age. Below are just a couple of the great toys you have to choose from.


Primary Science™ Shining Stars Projector

Learning about the galaxy has never been so much fun. My kiddos love looking at the slides and learning. We are a family who loves looking up at the stars and this is a great way for the young ones to start learning. My 4 and 5 year old love playing together with this and spend a lot of time talking together and pointing out the different planets. They love that they can do it by themselves without any help. I love that the disks only go one way so they really couldn’t mess it up if they tried.

prod2830_dt-awardIt’s a galaxy of stars in the palm of your hand! Young astronomers can explore early space science by beaming images of space onto any surface for a close-up view of stars, planets, and more! Just place the discs into the slot for quick and easy viewing. Features an easy-carry handle, automatic shut-off to conserve battery life, and a stand for projector mode. Includes 3 discs, with 8 images on each (24 images total). Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included. Projector in stand measures 7″H.


Square Color Tiles blocks

I love these so much. Something so simple can really help in so may aspects of early learning. From counting to matching all the way patterns. Plus, its just fun to have a bunch of colorful squares to play with . We really like to use them for patterns and teaching the younger ones their colors. We try and make a game of it and really have fun. The older kids love to build with them and stack them.

Watch your children explore and build colorful patterns with these plastic tiles. Set includes 400 color tiles in four colors packaged in a reusable storage bucket. Activity Guide included.

GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope

scopeAgain we are a family who love looking up. This is a great beginner scope for our preschooler. He loves it so much. It’s not the greatest but is perfect for him. He loves going out and looking at the moon. The double view finder is great making it easy for him to look through it. It’s light and portable. He likes looking at it inside just as much as he loves going outside with it. There really isn’t much to adjust so it’s easy for him to use. My older kids don’t find it as enjoyable they prefer the better scope, but as a preschooler who wants to do everything himself , this is perfect.

Even the smallest scientists can see the moon up close with this focus-free telescope, built specifically for little hands and growing minds. Two large eyepieces with a comfy google and nose cut-out guide make it easy for little ones to use and see. And with 10x magnification and built-in diagonal mirror, the moon appears in amazing, magnified detail. My First Telescope even includes a tripod for table viewing and a guide showcasing the phases of the moon. Perfect for STEM learning.

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