Preventive Pediatric Dentistry

Preventive pediatric dentistry, as the name suggests, plays a vital role in keeping your teeth healthy entire life. It not only prevents the occurrence of dental issues but also goes beyond prevention. As you may have heard several times, that oral health impacts your overall health. Therefore, one should be aware of preventive pediatric dentistry, its benefits, and the kind of plans it covers to offer you preventive dental care.

Preventive dentistry- An overview 

It helps in maintaining oral health. Combining proper dental checkups after a regular time interval, it encourages you to develop good habits such as brushing twice a day and flossing too. Besides, parents should inherit these good habits in their children as caretaking of teeth begins in childhood and stays with the person throughout life.

Standard services of preventive dentistry:

There are many kinds of preventive dentistry services depending upon your oral health situation and requirements. Some of the services are:

Periodic oral checkups

X-Rays on a routine basis

Cleaning of teeth

The plan you have opted for may encompass complete preventive care, reliant on which dental procedure you’ve chosen.

Your contributions to preventive care 

Though it is of utmost importance that you are consulting with an experienced and skilled dentist, yet you play the majority of the role. Always consult your doctor at Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics for dos and don’ts of dental care. See the thing is, a dentist can suggest you best, and he will prescribe the best medications too whenever needed. But it will all go in vain if a person is not willing to make changes in his lifestyle and daily habits. Likewise, if he’s not habitual of brushing and flossing twice, what wonders the dentist will able to do alone.

Here are some healthy habits that everyone should follow and develop to reduce gum diseases, cavities, and gingivitis:

Brushing twice a day using a toothbrush of soft bristles and toothpaste containing fluoride is best to bid goodbye to all dental conditions. However, getting suggestions regarding the brush and toothpaste from your dentist would be wise as he will recommend the best. He will also tell you the techniques of brushing because most of the people do brushing in the wrong way.

Don’t forget flossing daily as it removes the food which is usually stuck between your teeth, and then it becomes plaque if left unclean.

It is best to use mouthwash after flossing as it rinses out the food particles after flossing.

Keep your tooth enamel safe and undamaged by avoiding foods and beverages containing acids.

It is quite tough to abandon candies, hard foods, etc. completely. However, such foods, like with bones, pits, or seeds, could damage teeth or, worse, chip teeth.

Avoid smoking and tobacco; it not only leads to cancer but also causes dental problems.

If you are a sports person, never forget to use a mouth guard to eliminate the chances of any injury.

Types of preventive dental care 

Dental specialties and kinds of dental practitioners is a broad field. Dentist providing preventive dentistry are:

General dentist

A general dentist or family dentist provides preventive care on a routine basis. This care includes teeth cleaning, oral checkups, and x-rays. Fillings and other primary care also fall into this category. The critical role of your general dentist is to offer guidance as to how to take proper dental care. He identifies problems while they are at an early stage and ensures eliminating any chances of their worsening. He also encourages you to build healthy habits and refers to a specialist in specific cases and further care.

Pediatric Dentist 

Pediatric dentistry is dedicated to children’s dental care. Due to either ignorance or other factors, most kids develop dental diseases quite soon during the appearance of their first tooth. The pediatric dentist continues to see kids during teen years in the majority of cases. He offers services of preventive dentistry and many other specialized services whenever required, like fillings, tooth extraction, and oral surgery too.

Pediatric Dentistry 

As it is already aforementioned, that pediatric dentistry deals with dental problems of kids during their teen years, it helps in the identification of dental problems early before the issues worsen or get costly.

Benefits of pediatric preventive dentistry

Some of the benefits of pediatric preventive dentistry include:

Lowering the risks of tooth decay development and gum diseases

It prevents severe periodontal diseases.

Promoting good oral habits of maintaining hygiene like twice a day brushing with flossing

Through early identification, it minimizes the cost of treatment and restricts the problem from getting severe.

Complete and thorough oral examination to identify any dental issues

Reduction in dental problems caused due to chronic medical complications or conditions

Regular preventive care is crucial for people having diseases like diabetes, certain kinds of cancer, or osteoporosis.



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