A Practical Guide to Choosing Funeral Urns

Choosing funeral urns can be a opportunity to honor your loved one. Learn how to choose an urn practically and tastefully.

After a loved one passes away, our minds become filled with so many thoughts that it becomes overwhelming. We’re triggered when we least expect it and memories cloud our eyes with tears. We begin to think of the what-ifs and all our regrets.

But one of the last things that our minds focus on is how we want to honor our loved one in his or her funeral service and thereafter. Choosing funeral urns isn’t something that the majority of us plan in advance. It’s not something that a lot of people think about even when a death isn’t unexpected.

Because it’s thought of so infrequently, you might not be sure how to select the right funeral urn to honor your loved one with. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Continue reading below for our practical guide on choosing funeral urns.


Think About Your Loved One

The first thing that you want to consider is who your loved one was as a person. This could play a large role in determining what kind of urn is right for him or her. There are many urn material and design options and although you might feel intrigued to choose one that best suits your home or your own style, you might want to consider choosing one that your loved one would like.

Think about your loved one’s own home and style. What designs, patterns, or materials did he or she love most? Choosing a funeral urn that represents your loved one is one of the best ways to keep him or her close to your heart.

Every time you glance over at the funeral urn, you’ll see your loved one’s personality in it.

Consider the Size

Next, you’ll want to consider the size of the funeral urn. There are a couple of factors that will determine which size is best. The first factor to consider is the volume of your loved one’s ashes.

Funeral urn sizes are measured by cubic inches. For each pound that your loved one weighed, you’ll need one cubic inch. For example, if you’re loved one was around 180 pounds before passing, then you’ll need an urn that holds 180 cubic inches.

If you’re ever unsure, just choose a size up. This way you know for certain that the urn will be big enough. Another thing to consider is where you’ll be placing the urn.

If you’re going to place the urn on the floor, then you’ll want to choose a larger urn that’s tall enough for the ground. If you’re planning on placing the urn on a counter, mantle, or something similar, then you have the option of choosing something smaller.

Know the Final Disposition

Because there are so many different types of funeral urns, you should know what the final disposition is for the ashes before choosing the urn. Will you be scattering the ashes?  If so, there are urns made specifically for ashes to be scattered.

Because these urns are temporary, they’re not as expensive. You won’t want to spend tons of money on an urn that isn’t going to hold the ashes for more than a couple of weeks or so.

If you plan on burying the urn, then you have a large selection to choose from. Just about any urn on the market can be buried or placed in a burial vault. When deciding to display the urn in a home, you’re faced with the most difficult decision.

This is when you’ll want to choose something that reminds you of your loved one and that you don’t mind looking at every day.

Select Your Material

Deciding on a material that you like best is a great way to begin narrowing down your selection. You can find funeral urns made from all types of materials including wood, marble, and brass. Brass is the more traditional choice while wood gives the urn a feeling of warmth.

Marble urns are modern and sophisticated. If you’re traveling on a plane with the urn, you’ll want to choose a material that can be x-rayed to make your trip as smooth as possible. The material that you choose is completely up to you and what you think would look best or what would represent your loved one best.

You can find a wide selection of urns in several different styles and materials at Green Meadow Memorials.

Choose Something Personal

Along with a good selection of materials to choose from, you’ll also have a good selection of style and design. Funeral urns don’t only come in the shape that you think of when you think about urns. You can find funeral urns in all different shapes and styles.

There are urns shaped like the American eagle to honor a veteran. There are urns shaped like angels, horses, and so much more. Choose something that’s personal to you and your loved one that will honor them in the way that you see most deserving.

Choosing Funeral Urns Takes Time

Choosing funeral urns for our loved ones is a process that takes a bit of time. Don’t feel rushed when making the decision and be sure to keep these helpful tips in mind. Doing so is the best way to ensure that you choose the perfect urn for your deceased loved one.

And if you found this post to be helpful, then be sure to check back with us frequently for more helpful guides and topics.



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