Planning your first visit in Switzerland

If you are looking for a high-end traveling experience with profound different cultural influences, reflected in its cuisine, architecture, events and traditions, the perfect destination is Switzerland! Even

linguistically, diversity is observed, with the country having 4 different official languages. All of the above originate in its geographical location.

In any case, your decision to visit Switzerland is definitely not one that you will regret. With a wide range of stunning landscapes, charming cities and outdoor activities, it is easy to feel overwhelmed during the planning process. And that’s why we decided to hand you this travel guide, containing all the sites and activities you shall not miss out, if you want to have a fulfilling first taste of the country.

 1. The City Life

Despite Switzerland being a relatively small country, we can easily name 8-10 different uniquely charming cities, which makes a quite good ratio. When referring to the term “beautiful” a subjective point of view is instantly introduced, so we will avoid using this one. It’s just our experience in the travel industry and the impressions of first time visitors that allows us to recommend which cities should be on your priority list. 

Casually mistaken for the capital, Zurich is in fact the biggest city, a vibrant one, perfectly blending natural beauty with modernity and culture. Stroll around the Old Town, take a relaxing boat cruise around the lake, visit either the Kunsthaus or the National Museum -according to your taste – and feel the vibe of the West side.

A short train ride will lead you to Lucerne, mostly famous for the Chapel Bridge, Europe’s oldest wooden one, and the idyllic setting created by Lucerne’s Lake, where the shoreline is surrounded by the mountains. On your last stop, you will have to choose between Geneve and Montraux. The first one hosts the Jet d’Eau fountain, a spectacle of water being shot 140 meters into the air, and relaxing parks (as Parc La Grange).
The second rewards you with the historic castle of Château de Chillon and the Lavaux region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its terraced vineyards.

2. The Alpine Experience

It would be extremely odd if you’ve left Switzerland without admiring the stunning Alpine landscape, if not immersing in some outdoor activities. If it happens that you visit Switzerland during the snowy months, you will be lucky enough to live an unforgettable experience. Whether a regular skier/snowboarder or not, a visit to any of the most famous ski resorts is a must. Feeling brave enough? Try some beginners’ runs or even get ski classes. Just looking for some chill? Enjoy the magical view and serenity of a ski apartment. Find the most appropriate deal among Erna Low’s multiple offers.

Complete your first interaction with the mountain range by getting on board for a ride with the Glacier Express, the Slowest Express Train in the World. With an average speed of 35 km/hr, you will need in total 8 hours if you want to cover the whole distance. A remarkable journey with great views to picturesque villages, World Heritage Sites, gorges, and the sparkling waters of the Rhone.

3. The Local Tastes

In order to form an integrated opinion for a foreign culture, it is compulsory to try some local dishes or significant local products. In our case, seize the opportunity for some authentic upper quality Swiss cheese, in the form of a fondue or a cheese platter, and delicious chocolate. Other gastronomic delights are raclette, Rosti and Alplermagronen.


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