Organising A Home Dinner Party For Your Friends? Here Are Some Things You Might Like To Consider

If you like nothing more than spending evenings attending dinner parties with your friends, then it’s probably time you started making plans and organising your own. This is often a mammoth task that many people find stressful, but at the end of the day, it’s all about having fun and being with the people who matter to you. That said; you’ll need to follow the tips listed in this post if you really want the evening to go off without a hitch. Believe me, things are a little different when you’re the one who’s serving the food.

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With that in mind, I’ve taken a couple of hours this morning to work out a kind of checklist you should follow. So long as you’ve got all these basics covered, the chances of anything unexpectedly going wrong will be greatly reduced. Don’t get me wrong, you could still make a pigs ear out of the food, but hopefully your friends won’t be too judgmental about that. After all, this is your first time, right?

Selecting Your Menu

This is usually the most important part of any dinner party, but the more people who have in attendance, the more effort you’ll need to make. Some people will refuse to eat meat for various reasons, whilst others won’t even let fish pass their lips, so it’s vital that you speak with all invitees before the big day and find out about their preferences. Personally, I’d probably design a couple of different menus first, and then run them past your guests. If you give them free range to determine their own meal, you’ll be in the kitchen all night.

Purchasing The Furniture

There are lots of different companies that make quality wooden ables, but opting for mango and sheesham furniture for your dining room is normally the safest bet. You need something sturdy that can take a lot of weight, and so avoiding the cheapest products is probably a good idea. At the end of the day, if you want to make this event a regular occurrence, it makes sense to spend a little more for high-end furniture, especially if you’re trying to impress everyone.

Choosing The Entertainment

Lastly, the entertainment you choose could make or break the evening, so you’ll need to spend a considerable amount of time weighing up your options. Some people like to hire a classical musician and have them positioned in the corner of the room, others prefer to hire table magicians or simply create some entertainment of their own. What you decide to do will depend upon your guests tastes, the size of your room and your budget. Just make sure you don’t book a stripper or anything too controversial because nobody wants to find hairs in their dinner.

So long as you manage to cover all these bases, the amount of incidents that could occur should be sufficiently minimised for you to relax and enjoy the party. Don’t stress too much if some things don’t go completely according to plan, I’m sure your friends will be forgiving.

Have a great time and good luck!

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  • It has been a long time since I have done a dinner party. We keep talking about needing to do one during the summer.


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