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While the holidays may look a bit different this year, and large events may be canceled, that doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous. Surviving this year has been no easy task for any of us, so reward yourself with a new party dress. Most women agree that, the better you look, the better you feel and are more able to enjoy the moment. Remind that special person in your life, your children, your relatives, your co-workers, just how well you clean up. This year has proven we can’t control much around us, but we can control whether we feel beautiful. 

Being indoors more, baking with family, and let’s be honest maybe enjoying one too many glasses of wine, might not have done us any favors this year. It doesn’t take much more than shopping for a special occasion dress to be reminded we all are built differently with varying and beautiful body types. Refreshingly, more and more designers are coming up with knock-out styles for curvy fashionistas. Whether you’re looking to be the center of attention or are more on the reserved end, there are many options for finding a look that makes you smile. The compatibility of any plus-size party dress completely depends on the creativity of a designer. Only a proficient designer knows how to hide and highlight different areas smartly. Thankfully brands like are coming to our rescue when it comes to finding the right fit, price point, and most important a dress that makes us feel special. Online shopping is now more important than ever in not only keeping you safe, but also is convenient, fast, and provides more reward options. 

Styling Tips From The Experts

When considering what to look for, make sure you look for a fit that highlights your curves in all the right places. As popular blog Curvy.Plus emphasizes there are many people out there who feel a plus size ladies shouldn’t wear patterns since it will make her body look bigger, but this is just wrong. It’s possible to wear many different patterns, but just be careful to choose the right ones for your body type. Another style blog Monroe & Main helps break down different silhouette styles that either highlight or de-emphasize one or more features. It’s important to learn which style best suits your frame. 

Dark solid colors will generally give your body a more slimmed-down look while light colors tend to make you look bigger, but if you happen to choose a color block style or pattern to offset the light colors, they can work just as well as anything else. If you would like to wear a pattern, try to stick to smaller patterns or very simple geometric patterns. Both pattern styles create a distraction that covers up any problem areas. Look for fabrics with a nice weight, giving you a seamless look that screams grace. Also, note that fully lined dresses are always an excellent choice in making sure you look as classy as possible. If you’re heavier in the hips, choose a light flowing fabric that will create a lovely feminine movement and find a dress that draws the ups up to the bustline

Embrace Your Body Type

Be sure to remember that not every style will work with every body type. Even slim or athletic women have certain styles that don’t flatter them. Fit and flare dresses, asymmetrical, and high-low styles have become very popular and have an excellent silhouette line. A-line style dresses are always a good choice whether your top or bottom-heavy. Shift dresses are another great choice in that it highlights your legs and draws attention away from the waist. While most styles look good for an hourglass figure, find a dress with a balanced neckline that nicely defines the waist with ruching, cinching, or a belt. Empire waist dresses gather just beneath the bust instead of at your natural waistline, emphasizing your upper body and are more suitable for women with oval, rectangle, or triangle body types, as it draws attention upward while draping nicely over areas below the bust. Peplum style dresses are great for creating an hourglass figure, the added ruffle wraps partially around the natural waist, and makes the waist look smaller compared to the shoulders and hips. Fashion blogs remind women that ultimately, the dress you feel incredible in is the right dress for you, regardless of shape. 

So embrace those fabulous curves, enjoy feeling pretty no matter what the event, and remember you deserve to shine. With a little body honesty, research online, and an eye for fashion, you’ll be sure to find a dress that’s uniquely you. Happy hunting and never forget a dress can make the occasion unforgettable. 


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