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November Is Diabetes Month!!!

November is Diabetes Month and this disease is very dear to my heart…my husband,my mom, my father(diseased)my brother and many friends that I know either has diabetes or some of their loves ones has diabetes. Diabetes is a very scary disease if you don’t really understand it.. it also is a deadly disease with out the proper medical care. There are millions diagnosed everyday with this disease but one thing for sure you can live a productive life if you are following your medical doctor orders by taking medication thoroughly when ordered. Sometime it can take a toll on the body when he/she is not complying with Doctors orders.

Nearly all people with diabetes have abnormal cholesterol levels which contribute to their increased risk for heart attack and stroke. By choosing foods wisely, increasing physical activity and taking medications, you can improve your cholesterol.
Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is needed to convert sugar, starches and other food into energy needed for daily life. The cause of diabetes continues to be a mystery, although both genetics and environmental factors such as obesity and lack of exercise appear to play roles.
There are 23.6 million children and adults in the United States, or 7.8% of the population, who have diabetes. While an estimated 17.9 million have been diagnosed with diabetes, unfortunately, 5.7 million people (or nearly one quarter) are unaware that they have the disease.
In order to determine whether or not a patient has pre-diabetes or diabetes, health care providers conduct a Fasting Plasma Glucose Test (FPG) or an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT).
Major Types of Diabetes
Type 1 diabetesResults from the body’s failure to produce insulin, the hormone that “unlocks” the cells of the body, allowing glucose to enter and fuel them. It is estimated that 5-10% of Americans who are diagnosed with diabetes have type 1 diabetes.


Type 2 diabetes Results from insulin resistance (a condition in which the body fails to properly use insulin), combined with relative insulin deficiency. Most Americans who are diagnosed with diabetes have type 2 diabetes.


Gestational diabetes Immediately after pregnancy, 5% to 10% of women with gestational diabetes are found to have diabetes, usually, type 2.


Pre-diabetes Pre-diabetes is a condition that occurs when a person’s blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough for a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. There are 57 million Americans who have pre-diabetes, in addition to the 23.6 million with diabetes.
What is High Blood Sugar?
Normal blood sugar: 65 -140.
High blood sugar: 250-350
Very high blood sugar: (over 350)
Symptoms of diabetes include:
1) excessive thirst
2) excessive urination
4) extreme hunger
5) unusual weight loss
6) extreme fatigue
7) irritability
9) nausea
11) sweet smelling breath
again this is where the Night Helper Watches can also help with reminding the users to take there medication at the appropriate time that is needed.
Last but not least this information is just listed to help assist with learning more about diabetes…Please Seek Professional Help If Needed!!!



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