Nigeria 61st Independence Day Essay Writing Competition

The authorities’ chief of Osun kingdom said that his crew is interested in setting up a new team of leaders. That was the aim of the essay writing activity on the 61st Nigeria Independence Day.

A female from Fakunle high school and a Bowen University clinical student emerged in the essay competition. There was also an institution contest where the Odo authorities emerged as the winner. The members wrote all the essays without assistance from the expert writers featured in the payforessay review and different writing platforms.

Earlier, the Osun State had mentioned that involved people in secondary school and higher learning institutions ought to supply essays on a specific topic.


The Osun chief got represented by his deputy on the essay writing finals day. The event was a celebration of the sixty-first independence year in Nigeria.

The essay creation task prompts excellence among students. It encourages them to be innovative as the first-rate producers to treasured thoughts for its growth. Besides that, it additionally ventilates the views without hiding in public.

The essay creation effort is a result of thorough practice. Students instruct their minds to interact appropriately in issues related to society.

Since the office emerged, the management team has prioritized qualitative training for young people.

The directors recognize that establishing a sustainably affluent authority required strategic funding for the youthful humans. That will gear them up for the reality of the keenly aggressive global know-how economy.

A chief in the Regional Integration and Special Duties additionally gave a speech. The leader praised the governor for letting the essay contest among various learning institutions be one of the things that mark the sixty-first Independence Day.

He went on to say that the Regional Integration and Special Duties branch acquired seven hundred applications from more than thirty colleges ready to take part. Among them were each privately-run and public schools within Nigeria.

Other essay applications came from over twenty nearby areas of the region and non-indigenes.

On the social gathering day, the State gathered many young people. They used their ideas to propose appropriate ways to tackle the country’s issues.

The assignment will inspire studying and essay writing among younger people. The gesture is dynamic and can lead to healthy and high competition amongst the youths.

The essay occasion chairman also thanked the governor for offering younger humans a chance to participate in an essay creation task.

A general spoke during the essay occasion as well. He described the social gathering as joyful and added that the nation has been brave to design a fruitful tournament in a place where harmful activities happen often.

The general additionally addressed the youths. The leader motivated them to never quit on their dreams to contribute to society’s advancement. The kingdom desires knowledge, security, and growth. All that can solely get attained if human beings work as a team.

The general went on to suggest the analysis of household values. They are the equipment to reconstruct the terrible protection structure in the region. He moreover stated that safety does not solely get decided by the leaders. Residents can make contributions as well.

The following individual that spoke during the essay competition event was once the maiden version winner. He congratulated the state head for the essay competition activity. He described it as the learning stage for the coming leaders. Young human beings can discover the troubles encountered in society and develop ways to fix them before worse matters.

The service chief came next and congratulated the Osun state leader on the essay initiative. He also said that he was once a product of a similar writing initiative.

The leader advised the individuals who participated in the essay to see their win as the beginning of other achievements.

The people in charge of determining the essay winners analyzed the participant. They ensured to pick out great essays. Stolen information from websites like the got rejected. The winners were college students who proved capable of creating unique content material with beneficial ideas.

Below are the winners in different categories:

High school

  • The Fakunle Comprehensive secondary school student emerged as the winner.
  • A scholar from Ambassadors College Ile-Ife came second.
  • The third place went to someone from Our Lady and St. Francis secondary school.

 Tertiary level winners

  • A Bowen University student emerged as the winner.
  • A scholar from Ibadan University came second.
  • An Adeleke University student got the third position.

The tertiary level winners got awarded money and a Toyota Corolla automobile. They deserved such lucrative rewards since they produced top-quality essays without the help of professionals at the TopEssayBrands website.


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