Mobile Game Development: How to build a Mobile game?

Many people who play computer games do not even realize how much work and creative ideas are invested in mobile game development.

Creating a game is a long and laborious process, consisting of a wide variety of stages, including both technical and creative aspects. That is why, for the most part, games are created not by individuals, but by entire teams of developers. Each individual in the team is a specialist in their area of ​​expertise.

In terms of the types of mobile games, 58% of gamers prefer puzzles that work well even on low-performance devices with standard graphics, 40% choose action games, and 26% choose simulations. In all countries except the United States, there are significantly more players on Android than on iOS – 78% of the global market. Despite this, iOS gaming revenues exceed Android’s.

Statistics show that mobile games are now at the top of popularity, even if we do not consider individual genres and platforms by mobile game development agency. Therefore, many developers start making plans to create their own product. But how to make a game that will attract the attention of users and will be interesting to them for a long time? We offer a few easy steps.

The game should be simple

Do not force your user to think a lot and “work”, do not scare him with a bunch of menus and settings. The more difficult his path to the goal, the lower the likelihood that he will want to go through it again. The most viral games, like Flappy Bird, require just one action: tap the screen on time. Try again? Sure why not.

The key to the success of the well-known Tinder is its ease of use. All the user has to do is swipe left or right on the photo. There is simply no simpler dating app, which is why Tinder is so successful. Such positive examples of game development must be taken into account.

The game must be free

A lot really depends on the choice of a mobile game monetization model. Most of the successful games are completely free to download. Consider Pokemon Go, which reached $ 1 billion in revenue in the seven months after its official release date from in-game purchases alone, from Poke Balls to other perks.

Consequently, gamers are ready to purchase the bonuses necessary to win in a short time, but they will prefer to install the free game.

The player should have choice and freedom if possible in the game

We love to feel in power and decide how, when and where we control the course of events. Meeting the need for control and freedom of choice are the things that made open-world RPGs so popular.

Remember to praise your player

Consider why the “one-armed bandits” in the casino make so much noise when someone wins, even a small amount? This is necessary not only in order to attract the attention of those passing by, but also to evoke emotions in the player: “You are great, keep up the good work!”

In the world of mobile games, the principle is the same – in top games like Candy Crush, almost every user action is accompanied by enthusiastic inscriptions. And this principle 3d animation agency Kevuru Games always takes into consideration.

Choose the right game mechanics

Firstly, the user should be explained that he needs to enter the game regularly, otherwise he will lose the positions he has already won. Otherwise, he will be able to switch to a competitor at any time and never return, since there is very high competition in the mobile games market.

Thirdly, the game should provide for moments when the gamer is waiting for a bonus or update, which makes the process more interesting and exciting.

Spend time on graphics and design

You need to understand that the game should also be attractive from an aesthetic point of view. This applies to characters, colors, and fonts. In particular, there is the concept of color psychology in mobile applications, according to which, for example, speed is depicted using shades of red. Graphics can be different: from complex solutions in the Temple Run style to ordinary jigsaw puzzles, but all the design components must fit together perfectly.

Of course, you should not limit yourself to just these rules in order to surprise the world of mobile games with a unique product, but they can be used as a starting point. Gamers are becoming more active and interested in new games for mobile devices, so developers have every chance of finding their niche. Modern unity game development service helps to carry out this task.

An interesting and exciting game without serious flaws and mistakes gives you the green light for further creative activity. Have players received your game product with a bang? This means that you can prepare an add-on or a full-fledged second part for an already finished game, and the plot you have started can be developed further, turn it into a whole epic or even a full-fledged game universe.

We take the game development plan and begin to create a new work of art according to the same ten stages, but now fully armed with the accumulated experience and acquired skills.



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