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Microsoft dynamics 365 field service

It is a unified business application platform that consists of several functional modules

Dynamics 365 functional modules can be used alone or in combination, customizing your solution based on your specific needs.

A common field service CRM and ERP data model allows you to reduce the degree of entropy when entering data and finding responsible persons. It is a modern method that will allow you to control all the means of communication with clients in your corporation – from the first contact to the conclusion of a deal and after-sales service. All actions are performed in a single system, which allows you to get the correct analytics for decision-making. With Dynamics 365, all your business means will become predictable, structured, easily manageable, and, as a result, efficient.


  • Flexible customization – you use and pay simply for the functionality that your company requires and causes it real advantage;
  • Out-of-the-box solution – All  modules offer more out-of-the-box scenarios and means for effective control of the plan and operational processes of your company;
  • One Policy – By integrating CRM and ERP into a single ecosystem, you may manage a wide variety of business methods in a single space. All data is collected in one place and can be easily integrated;
  • Intelligent Data Management – Power BI tools, Cortana Intelligence Suite, Big Data, advanced analytics, plus IoT capabilities give you the actionable penetrations you need to make the right decisions and take action. The expert experience of ICL Services in the implementation of ERP systems confirms the success stories of many implemented projects. Optimize key sales methods with recognized industry experts to increase the efficiency of your company;
  • Working in the cloud – Dynamics 365 gives various opportunities for installing the way – locally on your servers or in the cloud, providing you with extra IT support for your company;
  • Easy integration – Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows a variety of implementation choices: as an integrated system or as separate modules to solve specific problems. The system will easily allow you to automate the necessary processes step by step without additional problems.

Resolutions on the Microsoft Dynamics principles

It has extensive experience in implementing plus maintaining Microsoft Dynamics solutions for various industries:

  • Energy;
  • Energy billing;
  • Single contact center.
  • Mechanical engineering and manufacturing
  • Mechanical Engineering Management;
  • Manufacturing control;
  • Repair management.

Development and implementation of resolutions on Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be carried out applying the Microsoft Sure Step methodology or applying the Agile approach.

It provides the following settings:

  • Development of an original functional resolution:
  • Formation of requirements for the future system;
  • Solution architecture development;
  • Selecting and configuring the required functionality;
  • Refinement and optimization of the solution for the client’s requirements;
  • Union with existing systems;
  • Deploying and configuring the working environment for the solution;
  • Preparation of documentation for end-users and training materials;
  • Providing training for both technical specialists and end-users;
  • Provision of technical support services for the customer’s specialists in working with the system: 2nd / 3rd support lines, incident support, consulting assistance on the application of the system, provision of methodological and methodological assistance, consulting services to eliminate the consequences of user errors.



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