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Making a Statement With Unique Wedding Bands.


While most married men choose to wear a wedding band, most guys typically settle for a plain, comfort-fit band.  The most popular band for men is the traditional yellow gold band but in recent years there has been a welcoming trend to offer more unique styles and metals.  This trend has made it possible for men to customize their wedding band to make it almost as unique as the bride’s engagement ring.  If you are looking to break tradition and select a ring that is more unique and telling of your personality, consider the following unique wedding band styles.

Metal With Wood Inlay

You may have seen a man’s wedding band that is made entirely of wood; however, have you considered purchasing a wedding band composed of a metal such as cobalt that has a beautiful wood inlay?  These unique rings offer an earthy feel to the traditional modern metal rings.  Another way to capture that earthy feel is to purchase a wedding band with a camouflage inlay.

Couples Collection

Did you know there are some jewelers that offer wedding bands that match for both the bride and groom?  Most ring experts agree that you and your partner’s ring should match in at least one small way (i.e., metal, style, inscription, etc.) and many jewelers make this aspect easier by offering rings that beautifully complement each other.  These collections typically include three rings: an engagement and wedding ring for the bride and a wedding band for the groom.

Engraved Ring

Even if you opt for a traditional yellow gold band, one of the easiest ways to make your ring a little more personalized is by having it engraved.  Some couples like to have their wedding date engraved, while others may choose to have a special message, pet name or other unique relationship characteristic engraved.  The possibilities are literally endless so be creative and have fun.  At the same time, remember to make the inscription something you won’t mind reading for the rest of your life!

Diamond Ring

If you have a profession that doesn’t require you to frequently get your hands dirty, you may want to select a wedding ring with diamonds.  Some men tend to shy away from a wedding band that contains a diamond or two because they are afraid they will look feminine.  However, there are several ways you can select a diamond wedding band so that your masculinity will still shine through:

  • Choose a more masculine metal to set the diamond in such as cobalt or titanium
  • Consider a channel setting that tapers the diamonds around the ring
  • Select a diamond ring that offers a black inlay in the more traditional metal setting

As you can see, a diamond wedding band is certainly not only reserved for a woman’s band.

Remember Quality

With any ring that you decide to purchase, make sure your work with a jeweler that has a good reputation and satisfaction guarantee.  Many good jewelers offer a warranty program, free cleaning, maintenance and other valuable services so be sure to shop around to make sure you are getting a good deal.  Even if you only spend a hundred dollars on your wedding band, you want to make sure your investment is a good one.



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