Lesser Known Gems to Explore in Turkey

The first-time visitors think about when visiting Turkey is Istanbul. While the city is amazing, Turkey is a large country with so much to explore. Everything from historical sites and fascinating architecture to natural wonders will make your trip memorable. Hidden breathtaking destinations await you. 

Here is a list of five places to start with.

     1. Ephesus 

Ephesus is one of the grandest ancient sites in the country. It was once the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. Several ruins are worth visiting while you are there, including the Temple of Artemis and the ancient Metropolis. You will have fun learning about one of the seven ancient world wonders. It’s now a UNESCO world heritage site. If you are keen on historical sites, there are other places near Ephesus to visit. You can tour the place alone without a guide if that’s what you want. Ensure it’s on your list of places to see before leaving the country.

     2. Marmaris 

Very few locations can rival the pine-filled hills, beautiful water scenery, untouched nature, and great beaches at Marmaris. The beaches are famous for cleanliness and soft sand. It’s the best place for lounging on the sand and swimming. The seaside resorts allow you to explore local and international cuisines. You can enjoy water sports, go sightseeing, or engage in the vibrant nightlife. Nature there is at its purest form, which is not something you can say about frequently visited destinations.

     3. Canakkale 

Home to the world’s longest suspension bridge, the Canakkale Bridge, this city is definitely worth visiting. There is so much to see in the province, including the ancient city of Troy. A trip here will be a remembrance of World War I and a pilgrimage. It’s not a usual tourist destination for Turkish and foreign visitors, which is why there are so many hidden gems. The ancient traditions of pottery are still preserved there. Before your time there is over, ensure you stop by the Troy Museum. But it’s not all about the history; you can also enjoy the beaches, small-batch wines, and unique sea foods.

     4. Kaş

If you want some time away from your busy city life, visit this cute coastal town. It’s pretty small, but the stunning bays offer crystal clear waters, and you can enjoy boat tours. Being a fishing village, you should expect great food. They have preserved their beautiful architecture and culture for a long while. The white-washed houses, crazy-paved streets, dramatic cliffs, and mountainous backdrop make this a picture-perfect destination. The crystal-clear waters give you a chance to explore the underwater city. Even wandering around the old town of Kas is adventure enough.

     5. Bodrum 

Bodrum is where you can spend an unforgettable summer. It has been a hidden gem for many years, but recently it’s become a popular destination for the international elite. There are private and public beaches, and all have something great to offer. There are various fishing villages you can access by boat. If you want to splurge a little on your trip, there are luxurious hotels and fine dining in the striking surroundings. There are also low-key restaurants with unforgettable foods and incredible places for family entertainment.

Have you ever visited Turkey? If you have, feel free to share where you went and what you did. If it’s your first time visiting, these five places are some of the best-kept secrets in the country. You are guaranteed a great time no matter the destination you pick.


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