Keep Your Hunger Off For Good: 7 Dieting Tricks to Fill You Up Faster and Longer

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Cutting down on portion size for each meal without sacrificing the satisfaction of fullness is probably what dieters crave the most.

The amazing thing is, if your body is getting used to absorbing less food, you won’t even have to try to distract yourself from hunger. Check out these filling-up tips to tap into your digestive system’s compass and bring out an successful weight-loss scheme!

Drink more water

Obviously, water should never be out of your must-consume-daily list. Whether it’s at the crack of dawn, post-meals or pre-meals, 2 liters a day is the bottom line for every adult.

As to many people, hunger is often mistaken with thirst. People tend to grab something to bite whenever they feel the tingling inside, while an 8-ounce glass of water is actually enough for the case.

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According to science, there’s a part of your brain called the hypothalamus which takes the responsibility to regulate both hunger and thirst. So that is why it sometimes mixes up these two different signals and leads you to false decisions.

Moreover, drinking water before your entrée will help filling up your stomach big time, and you’ll less feel hungry during your meals. As a consequence, you’ll be eating lesser food, while your metabolism is leveling up. See, it’s a win-win situation!

Incorporate whole grains into meals

Whole grain foods are known to do the opposite work to refined carbs, and most highlighted: they do not break down quickly in your belly, do not raise your insulin level strikingly and as a result, do not grow your belly fat.

Scientists claimed that under ripe fruits, beans, and raw oats are rich in resistant starch – an prebiotics which passes through your upper gut undigested. As they continue to move down to your large intestine, they feed gut bacteria there and this causes the feelings of fullness to be prolonged.

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Just ditch sweetened dishes off your breakfast and get some right starched foods, for example a bowl of oatmeal, instead. You’ll get the feelings of satiety right at hand.

Other types of resistant starch such as whole meal bread, brown rice or boiled sweet potato can also bring out the best filling-out efficiency. Any other kind of carbs but white is safe to accelerate your weight-loss success.

Fill up on fiber

Fill it up on fiber and you’ll fill yourself up faster. It’s because fiber helps draw water from your body and from the food that you’ve digested to deliver the satiation post-meal. The satiating power of fiber also comes from its ability to slow the absorption of nutrients. That way, you’ll feel full longer easily.

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That’s why planning on more beans, pulses, cabbage florets, salads or fruits is always a wise choice for any diet. Try to grasp at least tens of grams of fiber-rich foodstuffs daily, and you’ll see the big difference in no time.

Snack healthily and wisely

The first and foremost rule for any dieter: Don’t ever fill your fridge with even the tiniest piece of junk food! You wouldn’t have been able to stick around and get trapped between those McDonalds or Starbucks if they’d never been there at the first place.

Not only those typical store-bought processed foods fill you up with way higher calories and refined carbs, they also have the powering hacks that trick your brain into thinking you’re still hungry and wanting more. You’ll only end up gaining weight uncontrollably by overeating while your body’s still being lack of required nutrition’s. Definitely not a very healthy choice of living.


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Try swapping those fatty knick-knacks out with healthier snacks such as apples, almonds or any other high-fiber foods – anything that is not hunger-inducing. Fill your place with fresh fruits, beans or nuts so you can grab them at hand every time you’re having an appetite.

Besides, watch what you drink too. Ditch your Zero Coke or even bottled orange juices, and opt for pure water instead. Or, if you’re planning to have healthy drinks without compromising the taste, invest in a slow juicer that makes green juices. Even the best cold press juicers on the market are not even that expensive these days!

Get down to smaller portions

Another simple way to hack on your hunger is to create optical illusions for your meals. Get down to smaller plates or bowls and fill them full, you’ll get the feeling that you’re being treated a sumptuous dish. Let your eyes do the feasting thing. Start with the giant-sized plate whom you’re used to eating with and divide that amount in half or even third. Also, cutting your food into smaller pieces can help reduce the eagerness too.

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As proved by science, eating smaller meals frequently is better than tossing stuffs in your mouth all at once. This way, not only you’ll feel full longer, but your body will also get the chance to absorb nutrients slowly, preventing insulin level rise and trimming down the fat storing speed.

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