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Johnson’s & Johnson’s Baby Products, keeping your baby’s skin soft!

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Johnson’s’s & Johnson products have been around for many years. I know so many mom’s who have invested in their section of baby products including myself! Johnson’s & Johnson’s lotion, baby oil, baby head to toe wash and soothing vapor bath were created to keeping our baby’s skin soft and smooth, but not only do we use them on our babies, I know many adults like myself use Johnson’s & Johnson’s products too!

Their lotion and body wash feels so soft and leaves your skin nourshisehed and very smooth. They’re the perfect gift to share for that new mom and baby. With their large selection of baby products you can create a great baby shower gift basket that will please both mom and baby. No matter when I bathed my children with  Johnson’s & Johnson’s bath, body wash, their products always relaxed my baby. Everyone knew when it was bath time in our house for the smell of Johnson’s & Johnson’s always resonated throughout the house.

What I like about Johnson’s & Johnson’s product line is they have never had that overpowering smell or  irritated my baby skin unlike other brands we have used. They always made sure to formulate kid friendly products that were good for our kids!!

Just this past Mother’s Day Johnson’s Baby put together a wonderful campaign to honor Mom’s. It was the “Your Doing OK, Mom Campaign”, the campaign was a video that was shared throughout social media and other media outlets. Each time the video was shared JOHNSON’S Baby donated a $1 to Save the Children.


So not only is this brand producing great products for our babies, they are also assisting in making a difference in saving the lives of children. Kudos’s to you Johnson’s & Johnson’s!!


The next time you get ready to attend a Baby Shower, remember to add the Johnson’s & the Johnson’s product line to your gift basket! Give baby the comfortable, soft smell, nourished skin he or she needs to relax!


Visit the Johnson’s Baby website to see more of their products.




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