How To Make Exercise Work For You.

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 It can be hard to find motivation to exercise at the best of times. But what about if there’s a particular reason it’s hard for you? It can be even harder to find the motivation to exercise when you’re in constant pain already. It’s important that you don’t let that deter you from exercising at all, though. There are many benefits to exercise and, it can help ease your pain if you do it right. It’s important to find an exercise specifically tailored to accommodate your condition. That way, you know that you’re not going to do yourself any injuries by trying an unsuitable workout.


When you’re suffering from severe back pain, exercise is the last thing on your mind. Even so, doctors will tell you all the time that you need to work the muscles to ease that pain. There are many exercises designed to target back problems. A little research is sure to lead to one that suits you. Yoga is often perfect for bad backs because it helps you stretch and use muscles you wouldn’t normally get to. If that doesn’t appeal, there are sure to be plenty of others that suit. Remember, don’t let one bad experience stop you trying something different. Finding the right exercise will be well worth the effort. Be mindful of the amount of pain you experience, though. The wrong exercise has the potential to worsen your condition.




Breathlessness can be a real deterrent to exercise. You might be  living with COPD, or just struggling with breathlessness in general. Either way, it’s unlikely that exercise will appeal when you’re breathless before you even begin. It’s absolutely crucial that you keep yourself active, even when you don’t want to. Inactivity will only exacerbate a condition like this one. The trick here is to keep your exercises small, and know your limit. It’s unlikely you’re capable of running, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a little walk. Take it at your pace and be careful not to strain yourself. Your walk doesn’t even have to be a lively one. It can take as long, or as a short an amount of time as you like.




Exercising from a wheelchair can seem very daunting. Not only are you restricted by your condition, but by your wheelchair too. With your physical activity already limited, it’s crucial you take the time to exercise regularly. It will be a massive help in keeping yourself healthy. There are many resources available for wheelchair exercise. A little research is sure to leave you spoilt for choice. Again, it may take some time to find an exercise routine that works for you, but it’s important that you persevere. You’ll feel much better after that physical activity each day. It may take you a little while to build your muscles up again, especially if you haven’t used them in a while. Patience is key, though. Have faith that you’ll find the perfect routine for you.


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