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How To Look After Your Garden This Winter.

Gardening – you either love it or hate it and it’s definitely not for everyone. Whilst there are some people that love nothing more than to be out in the garden, come rain or sunshine, there are others that dread the thought of having to mow the lawn, let alone anything else.


Getting your hands dirty is the easy part, but having a garden that you’re proud of takes time, effort and dedication. So, unless you’re hiring someone else to do the honors, it’s down to you to ensure you have a garden you can enjoy when things heat up. Barbeque season will be upon us before we know it and the best gardens are made in winter, so follow these simple tips to get your garden into tip top shape.


  1. Look after your soil all year roundsoil1

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There’s nothing worse than having to get your soil good and healthy all over again. Whilst winter will affect the health of your soil generally, if you look after it during the cold months too, you’ll find it far easier to get back into the swing of things when summer comes back around again. You should be regularly loosening up the soil.

  1. Clean up after yourself.

It’s a habit to leave garden tools lying around the garden, but you wouldn’t do the same for items inside your house would you? In the same way that cleaning products and hovers don’t look particularly great in the backdrop of your home, garden loppers, garden forks and rakes don’t either – so store them safely in the shed to keep them out of the way.


Image from Pexels

  1. Don’t let snow build up

This is one of the worst things you can do to your plants during the winter as it can cause damage. Even tough plants suffer, so make sure you get out there and help them out during the cold months. There are ways to limit damaging snow build up on your plants –  it’s all in how you trim them. For a guide on how to do it correctly, check out www.thujagreengiant.net/

  1. Give the lawn a well needed restsoil3

Image from Pexels

You’ll probably remember your garden days in the summer like they were yesterday. All the barbecues, garden parties, sunbathing and little ones running around on it certainly makes an impact, so give the grass a well needed rest by staying off of it during the winter months. Only step on it to keep your weeds and moss under control and to rake unwanted leaves. Aside from that, keep things inside for a few months!

  1. Give the outhouse a good scrub down


Now is the time to be scrubbing the shed and summer house, if you have them. Look after your outbuildings and they will look after you – and importantly, your garden tools! Give your tools a good clean whilst you’re at it and store them in a warm place away from any rain and snow. Garden tools are anything but cheap, so don’t fork out on things you can avoid with a little extra care.



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