How To Know That You’re An Addict!

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“Addiction” is a very serious word with negative connotations, but it’s a term that we have to learn to stop fearing. Addiction is all around us, and the majority of people experience it to some extent in some form. The problem is that the majority of us either don’t realize or don’t accept it. This might be fine if you have a minor addiction to chocolate and find yourself dipping into the “treat tin” a little too often (as long as you look after your health, of course).

However, it’s when we ignore major addictions that we start to put not only ourselves at the risks, but those around us; the people we care about and strangers alike. Perhaps you might not have come to terms with a drinking, drug or some other form of addiction which is proving detrimental to your lifestyle and putting you at risk every day, but it’s time that you did. Making steps to change now could bring you back from the brink and make your life much happier. It’s all about channeling that addiction into something else – something good. Firstly, of course, you have to accept that you’re an addict and understand that this isn’t a dirty word. Here are some red flags, if you’re unsure.

Your finances suffer.

If you’re noticing that you’re pooling a lot of your disposable income into a “hobby” or some form of substance, then there’s a chance you’re displaying addictive behavior. Dipping into emergency funds or ending up in debt through spending beyond your means is the clearest red flag pointing towards an addiction, because you’re physically damaging your means of living.

You put yourself or others in danger.

If you really think about it, perhaps you put others or yourself in danger without realizing it. Of course, overconsumption of any drug puts yourself in danger, simply by virtue of it likely being a dangerous substance in large quantities. Just think about the things you do whilst under the influence. Some people like to drink, and, in some places where it may be legal, smoke marijuana. Of course, there’s a difference between doing that in moderation, in the safety of your own home, and causing a scene in public.

If you ever get behind the wheel of a car when you’re under the influence of any form of drug, then you likely have a problem. Driving a car requires concentration, because the lives of you, your passengers and fellow drivers on the road is in your hands. Failing to notice that is a sign that you might have a deeper problem, and, one day, it might catch up to you. If it already has caught up to you, and you’re facing a court case, you might want to look into getting a drug offense attorney. There are people out there who want to help you, whether they’re family, friends or professionals, but it all starts with you. All you need to do is ask, because people want you to get better. Nobody should have to suffer in this world.

You slip into old habits.

If you constantly tell yourself that today is the day you’re going to change, but then you’re back on the liquor or taking a substance which you know you should quit, then you’re most likely addicted. Think of it this way: if you can’t physically stop yourself from reverting back to your old ways, then it might be time to get help.


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