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How to Help a Friend with an Addiction Problem.

Watching a friend struggle with an addiction is incredibly difficult. It can often seem like there’s nothing you can do to help them out of the mess they’re in. Follow this guide for assistance.

Don’t Encourage the Problem

When you don’t want to face up to what’s going on with your friend, it can be easy to ignore the problem and put it out of your mind. If you have a suspicion, or you notice a worrying change in their behavior, trust your instincts and do something about it. You should talk to them when they’re sober, they won’t listen when they’re not.

You definitely shouldn’t encourage or enable the problem. So, if your friend is drinking too much, or showing signs of alcoholism, and you think it might be a problem, stop drinking with them. You’ll be enabling the problem and making them think it’s alright to do what they’re doing. Let them know that you can no longer support what they’re doing.


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Inform Yourself

If you’re going to help your friend out of their addiction nightmare, you need to have a basic knowledge of their problem. All addictions are different, so make sure you understand what their specific addiction problem is. You could talk to a charity or an organisation that deals with addicts.

Talking to these people will open up your mind to all the possibilities out there. You might not know what to do next or what the options open to you are. And you can’t help your friend properly unless you know what the different options are. So, inform yourself and get plenty of advice from people who are experts.


When the problem gets bad enough, it might be time to stage an intervention. This is when the friends and family of the addict get together and confront them about their problem collectively. This is important because they will be forced to face up to the reality of their situation and the effect it’s having on other people.

When you intervene, you also have to have a plan in place to help them out of the situation they find themselves in. So, do some research into rehabilitation facilities and possible treatments. Companies like BeachwayTherapy offer different solutions for addicts, so have a look at what they can do for your friend.

Don’t Let Their Problem Take Over Your Life

Your friend’s problem is their problem, and it’s important to remember that. Once you’ve staged an intervention and directly offered them the opportunity to help themselves via therapy or rehabilitation, there’s little more you can do. It will sound harsh, but it’s important to know when to stop trying.

You can’t let their problem take over your life or negatively impact on your relationships or your career. You could make it clear that you’re no longer going to keep trying to persuade them to get help. But also make it clear that you’re there to help them and support them if they decide to help themselves in the future.

Dealing with someone else’s addiction is never easy. Let these key tips help you out.


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