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How to choose a sofa upholstery

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The incomparable softness of the microfiber fabric, the rigidity yet naturalness of cotton or the nobility of the leather, flashy colors or neutral tones, the upholstery of your sofa will define its look and character. 

Moreover, everyone knows a sofa is the centerpiece of the living room, one of the most needed pieces of furniture, which steadily accommodates guests and family members that strive to test its strength. Still, apart from this very important feature, a great sofa must offer a pinch of extra elegance to the décor, being a product deserving the investition of a significant amount of cash.

Now let’s cut a long story short and zoom in on the different coatings, their strengths and their weaknesses.

The leather sofa, a safe bet

Sleek, sturdy and comfortable, leather sofas have many advantages and insure a refined interior in any home.

It will make a splash with your guests and will delight your eyes at the slightest glance. A little patinated over the years, it will always find its place in your living room with its vintage style. Authentic, racy, timeless, the leather sofa is a must. From white to green, passing through black or orange, the colors offer a wide range of options. There is no doubt that you will find the color suitable for your interior. If you are afraid of getting bored, opt instead for a neutral tone that is more versatile.

It is true leather sofas are a bit less cheap than their fabric colleagues, the latter will be with you for years to come. Even more than beyond their elegance, these sofas are very easy to maintain. Indeed, the waterproofing of the leather limits stains and thus prevents your sofa from absorbing liquids. Unlike a fabric cover, leather also has the advantage of not retaining hair or odors. A strong argument for pet owners. Finally, whatever the season, the leather material will guarantee you excellent thermal comfort. To keep your sofa as best looking as you can, we advise you to take the time to treat it with appropriate care.

Ecological leather sofa

It’s not a secret that eco-leather looks quite like its natural analog, but more accessible and almost as durable over time, due to the new technologies involved in its realization. Moreover, the color of such an ecological upholstery is uniform and feels as pleasant to the touch as a natural alternative.

These types of sofas can be seen in a wider variety of colors, and, unlike those made of natural upholstery, artificial leather does not fade if placed in direct sunlight. At the same time, synthetic velour, made of polyester microfiber, is a better alternative than natural suede: it is just as elegant, but easier to maintain and lasts better over time.

The fabric sofa: serious outsider

While the fabric does not have the nobility of a leather covering, it does have other advantages, starting with the price.

The microfiber sofa, made of synthetic fabric, is known for its resistance. Whether you are a parent of young children or used to entertaining family and friends in your home, this is the ideal sofa cover. The very tight spinning of the microfibers guarantees the robustness of the fabric, without sacrificing softness of course. The fibers also prevent stains thanks to their waterproof properties. Note that they do not retain dust either. Maintaining a microfiber sofa is therefore very easy, a simple vacuuming is enough to rid it of its impurities. In terms of style, the variety of colors and the density of fibers chosen will allow everyone to enjoy a sofa that suits them.

Another option among fabric sofas, the peach skin effect fabric is also on the rise. We appreciate the silky feel of this material which, like leather, has survived the years. The peach-skin effect sofa gives off a cozy, warm and comfortable appearance, which is a great invitation to stay at home. You can also add a cover and thus play with new perspectives offered by the reflections on the colorful fabric. Integrated in a room with wood, metal and concrete, the peach-skin effect fabric sofas will find their place in a modern or retro interior.

Natural materials (linen, cotton, velvet)

Like fabric upholstery, sofas covered with a natural material enjoy a convenient price and a variety of colors. These models are comfortable, warm and maintain a calm atmosphere in the living room.

Most people choose one of the three natural materials, because they do not retain dust, and, thanks to the covers integrated in the price, they usually last longer. These types of sofas rely on a classic or contemporary air that will harmonize with the living room furniture.

Now when the topic of materials is clear, let’s discuss another aspect of choosing the right sofa.

A sofa adapted to the needs of the home

The upholstery of the sofa is chosen primarily according to the ones who live in that home. With pets, for example, the leather does not catch the hair but is marked with each scratch. Conversely, the microfiber sofa is resistant to snags and does not retain dust thanks to a very tightly woven material. Essential qualities for a sofa in a house with young children or who likes to entertain.

Maintenance necessary to keep your sofa as best looking as you can

With different advantages, sofas require more or less maintenance according to the upholstery. Synonymous with quality, a leather one has the plus of being easily cleaned. It does not absorb liquids when processed and does not retain odors. In the event of a stain, a simple damp cloth with soap helps restore its beautiful appearance. In order to keep it over time, the leather just needs to be nourished from time to time.

You can’t say this about the fabric sofas. On the other hand, such upholstery is cheaper, comes in more shades and color and can be easily fit into any design.

As a conclusion, a closed sofa placed on a parquet or dark-toned floor is a commonplace association, because the color of the sofa must be delimited by the shade of the floor.

Normally, light shades are more difficult to maintain, but will give a more cheerful look and airy air. If you have pets or are a mother, don’t forget a removable cover that will protect your sofa upholstery.

Whether you want a sofa in leather or fabric, nyfurnitureoutlets.com offers you a wide choice of colors and materials to choose from, according to your desires and your needs.


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