COVID-19 and Dating: How Do They Work Now?

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live. Every aspect of our lives, from how we shop for groceries, how often we go out of our houses, how far we should be from other people when we’re outside, and coming in with notable changes seen, with how we navigate around the dating scene.

Before news of a deadly virus going around broke out and forced us to stay inside our homes, dating involved a lot of personal and intimate meetings. People meet potential, current, or previous partners almost everywhere-in class, at work, inside Walmart, etc. Simply put, being able to go outside without the fear of contracting COVID-19 wasn’t in our minds. The inability to personally come across potential partners isn’t the only change the pandemic brought to the roller coaster world of dating.

How did people date before the coronavirus?

One thing the virus failed to change is how much of a complicated dance dating is. Maybe you won’t be able to relate to that statement. But since you’re here, reading about how dating works during this time, we’ll assume you’re in the market.

People used to be able to go to places and events to meet people. Another way to do so is through dating apps that can be accessed using smartphones. There also exist online matchmaking platforms that cater to different preferences. Some are made for students, working professionals, business people, etc. That is only the tip of the dating scene iceberg. Following the grueling matchmaking process that inevitably comes with the possibility of things now working out is meeting up with your match. It can be the deal maker for the people involved. And if things go sour, the deal-breaker. No sweat, though. We understand dating involves a lot of things not going the way we want them to.

How is the dating scene coping right now?

The mandate to maintain social distance makes dating a harder journey than it already is when you know you can’t just go out and socialize. Mandatory wearing of face masks doesn’t help when you’re trying to make an impression. Add to that the fact that social distancing disallows close contact. The outcome? No kisses, no hugging, and no even more intimate activities.

Instead, the pandemic has pushed people trying to date or are dating to succumb to the use of online video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and FaceTime to communicate. Mobilization is nearly impossible because of different state climates when it comes to rules in traveling. No matter how essential you think going on a coffee date is, it’s not permitted because technically, it is classified as non-essential travel.

However, according to a company that makes at-home health exams, a survey found that nearly one in four Americans with ages ranging from 20 to 31 broke stay-at-home rules during April. That was when the orders are at their all-time high. This only means that some aspects of dating weren’t affected by the ongoing health crisis. People are still trying to find ways to continue their careers in the industry of dating and won’t relent to COVID-19 as mobilization orders become more lenient. There could be a sliver of hope that everything will return to normal. But similar to the birth of the virus, we’ll never know unless it’s right in front of us.

Does this mean you should delay your pursuit?

No. Never mind the fact that some cities are starting to become lenient when it comes to going out for non-essential travel. You can go out, yes. But you should first think about how much risk you’re putting yourself and other people in when doing public spaces business. In support of you continuing your dating pursuit, you can use dating apps and websites that will enable you to connect with people without actually meeting them. They have been around even before the pandemic made us spend most of the year inside our homes. They exist to make the dating scene a bit easier, but they in no way guarantee a connection that can work out.

Will dating ever go back to the way it used to be?

This will depend on how people live with social distancing and orders to stay inside that don’t look like they’ll be lifted anytime soon. Adjusting to things we consider bizarre and restricting isn’t always a breeze to go through, but we’re all going to get to a time when everything has the semblance of normalcy we’re all looking for.


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