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How Deep Can A V-Neck Be?

The never-ending discussion about whether a V-neck tee is cool or tacky has been going on for years! With its humble beginnings as an undershirt over five decades ago and its downfall in the 2000s, the V-neck has been back in fashion for the last few years.

We’re definitely in the camp V-neck but have an important defining factor to discuss. Yes, we’re talking about the neckline depth. So, how deep can a V-neck bet? Let’s take a look!

The V-Neck

V-necks have been beloved by celebrities and fashion-curious guys for a few decades now. In recent years actors like Chris Hemsworth, Jon Hamm, and Ryan Gosling have brought it back from the oblivion that was the 2000s and made it cool again.

But it’s not only the Hollywood or rock’n’roll charm that makes a V-neck a great piece of clothing. Because while everyone loves a classic crewneck, who doesn’t like to mix things up sometimes? 

V-necks look more put together and can work even on smart-casual occasions, meaning you can easily pair one with your chinos and blazer or even under a suit. 

One way to extend your t-shirt lifespan is to choose high-quality brands like the black v neck t shirts by Fresh Clean Tees.

The V-Cut 

So, yes, V-necks are an excellent alternative to crews, as long as you get the neckline depth right. 

Different brands offer different styles and necklines; however, always pay attention to how deep the cut is and never expose too much cleavage. 

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind 

  • The bottom of the V should never go below the top of your armpits.
  • The maximum depth of the V is 4 inches from the base of the throat, but we prefer even fewer.
  • No, even if you live at the gym and have a god-like stature, it doesn’t mean that you should expose everything. Less is more! 
  • Opt for a shallow V-neck or stick to crews if you have a hairy chest.
  • Don’t get a V-neck with an almost non-existent and too shallow neckline because what’s the point?

The V-neck fit 

While the V cut and its depth are very important, remember that so is everything else about your V-neck fit. 

The body

V-neck is supposed to be “not too tight, not too shallow.” You want it to hug your body and accentuate your gym gains, but you’re not looking for a leotard. A good rule of thumb is checking if you can pinch 1-2 inches on either side of the torso – that’s what you want. 

The length

Your tee should not be too long or too short; you want it to end somewhere between below your belt line and above the trouser zipper.

This way, you can wear it tucked and untucked, depending on the occasion. 

The sleeves 

Let’s talk about your V-neck sleeves. The general rule is that they should hug your arms and end somewhere at mid-bicep. And while V-necks have tighter sleeves, you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a biking outfit, so leave some space for air. 

Deciding whether the sleeves look good is a game you’ll have to learn, as some tees tend to have sleeves with a lot of slack. Yes, it means your armpits can breathe, but it also makes your arms look small and your outfit…not good.

The tee age 

Yes, your t-shirt ages, and that’s especially visible on the V-neck as the V cut gets deeper and wider. 

That’s your sign that you should demote it to loungewear or sleepwear. And hey, just think about how sloppy stretched-out tees look if you’re still thinking, “I can pull it off.” 



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