How And Why Should Each Of Us Take Part In Charity?

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Each of us can make the world a better place – even in a pandemic. Good deeds do not necessarily require money, the main thing is to remain indifferent. In this article we tell you what steps you can take to help others (and yourself).

Despite the disappointing forecasts, the COVID-19 pandemic gave a boost to the development of charity. Severe social changes and economic circumstances in which we all found ourselves led to alternative consequences – people began to help more. However, charity is not just about making donations. It doesn’t matter what format of assistance you choose today: buy food at the animal shelter, give away old clothes, talk on the phone with a lonely old man or become a volunteer in one of the city hospitals, any contribution will be important. It is not necessary to donate money to change the situation for the better.

Here are some simple ways to support charity initiatives in 2020:

Blood donation

Regular (or even one-off) donation of blood and its components is a great way to help. Thus, each donor contributes to the national task of increasing the base of blood donors and can be sure that he participated in saving human life.

Ensuring sufficient blood supplies for hospitals and vulnerable patients is a challenge during the Coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, thanks to our dedicated blood donors, blood levels are currently uncritical. In the health sector, there is an understanding of how high the risk of blood shortages in hospitals is – it is clear that we will soon need many more donors than we do now. This is because people are afraid of contracting COVID-19 during the donation, but this fear is not justified. 


Social interactions with society have a double benefit for everyone who decides to participate. Firstly, it is a good way to make a positive contribution and provide real support to the charity and the cause you care about.  Secondly, it is a great opportunity to pump up your skills by becoming an intellectual volunteer of the organization. 

An intellectual volunteer helps you with your professional skills free of charge. If it is a lawyer, he can check contracts, a designer can create logos and make charity booklets and presentations, an accountant – to monitor the competent and targeted distribution of financial resources. The format of intellectual volunteering or so-called Pro bono volunteering is especially relevant in the current environment, as it helps to solve serious strategic tasks for non-profit organizations.

Charity organizations really appreciate volunteers. I would like to emphasize that volunteering is not a selfless service, but a voluntary, selfless activity for the benefit of society and a very important form of civic participation and finally you may be admitted like Monaco’s long involvement with the World Food Program. Volunteers are people who help things here and now, thanks to their participation, foundations and NGOs can do much more. That is why the websites of non-profit organizations always have the same bright button “Become an organization’s volunteer” next to the “Donate” button.

Informational support

Raising awareness is a very important task. In an environment where the mass media provide extensive information about philanthropy, the creation of information materials, their placement in the media and on the Internet should become one of the most important tasks of the professional community of charitable organizations.

Social networks today are a source of information, a way of communication, a way of promotion, and one of the main communication tools of the modern world. It is thanks to the interrelationships that people build and support each other that humanity is capable of the greatest achievements and achievements. Tell your friends and subscribers about charitable initiatives that you are going to support or already support. Repost, likes and stories in this case is not just statistics, but real help that can be provided in just a few clicks.



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