Home Improvement Priorities Making A Home Out Of a House

Moving into a new home is the beginning of a new era in one’s life, and you are probably aware that you can’t turn a house into a home in a single day. It takes time for you to get used to the new surroundings, especially if you’re starting a new life with your significant other and with a child on the way. You must learn how to adapt to a different way of life, but also keep the little things you loved so much about the place you previously called home. Here are some ways that you might find helpful in turning your fresh living space into a place that feels like home.

Leave space for creating new memories

It’s quite normal that you want to keep some (or a lot) of the stuff from your previous home, but keep in mind that when you are starting a new life, new memories will emerge, too. If you don’t plan the space so that the memories you make in your new home can be seen, the transition from house to home will last a lot longer. The best thing to do is take a photo at the most loveable part of your new house and place it in the corner reserved for future memories. This moment of inception will continuously remind you that your home is where you live now and help you avoid troublesome nostalgic feelings.

Personalize the space with artwork

There’s no better way to tell a story about one’s home than to tell it through art. Your choice of artwork will define you and your new house the way you want it to, so it’s important to choose every art piece carefully and think about the personal relations you have to these pieces. Keep in mind that none of these have to be expensive works made by famous artists, because simply a framed drawing from your childhood or a photo of your favorite landscape will do. Art made by either you or your family members is also very welcome – it can’t get more personal than that.

Give your furniture a personal touch

Nothing is more memorable than prints that surrounded your favorite corner of the previous house. Regardless if this was a Persian-style carpet or a pepito-textured armchair, you will definitely enjoy having these elements in your new home as well. Our favorite prints remind us of the old times when we had far less troubles, no matter whether this was the time when we were growing up, going to school or studying at university. A great way to implement some vintage prints into your new home is by equipping it with quality floor rugs that make you reminisce about your most loveable memories. You can also get your sofa reupholstered to resemble a color or texture that you cherish and connect to wonderful memories.

Make space for some comfy home corners

One of the most important things about a home is that you feel comfortable in it. A home is a safe zone where you are familiar with your surroundings, while unique corners are what gives it a personal touch. Make your new home feel like no other by making a kids’ playroom out of the basement, a reading nook by the biggest window case, or a game room for the whole family to enjoy. Surround these special corners of creativity with a lot of greenery and you will notice soon enough that there’s no place like home.

Get creative in the making of new rituals

Little weekly or monthly rituals are a part of every home, and it’s hard to transfer all the rituals from your previous home to your new one, neither is this a good idea. Your new home should be opened to creativity, and you should leave more space for your cohabitants and you to join forces in creating new rituals that every household member can enjoy. If you and your partner are living alone, it would be very beneficial to your relationship to decide on one evening of the week that the two of you are going to spend together, doing whatever you find enjoyable. Simply spending the night in reading some of your favorite books is also a great option, and creating a habit out of it will bring you only closer to feeling at home.

For those of you who have kids, spending weekends with them is extremely valuable for the development of your relationship, as well as their social and physical capabilities. If you plan home activities for them as well, all of you will be calling your new house a home in no time.



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