Happy Holidays from Nickelodeon Gak/Floam review!


Nick is back with Gak! It’s going to be the hottest gooey stuff around this Holiday. If you never heard of Gak I’m sure you children have. It’s silly putty that you can stretch ,bounce it, blow it, you can even Frrrt it, smoosh it, pop it, and so much more.

Kids are sure to have a lot of fun once they pick  up Gak, they won’t want to put it down. There is so much to do with this putty. I can see my kids now stretching it as far as it can go. The sound effects from Gak will make any head turn and will keep you laughing for hours.

Gak is very easy to clean and store, its washable and non-toxic.

It looks like Floam will be hot  this Holiday Season too.

Floam is the incredible, reusable molding compound that will keep you creating for hours on end! Mold your own creations or transform almost anything into a Floam-covered masterpiece. Roll it, mold it, cover it — that’s the way you Floam it.
Here is my set of Gak & Floam that Nickelodeon  sent for us to review.
The Gak Copier, it looks pretty cool You draw whatever you want on the drawing pad then you transfer the print onto the Gak.
The Floam  lets you decorate or mold anything. With all there wonderful colors.
The Gak Vac will be a hit in my house this Holiday. This vac will allow you to add your Gak and little creatures together.You pull back the vac then push forward and out pops your Gak and creatures together.
So this Holiday Season, visit Nickelodeon and add these awesome gifts to your kids wish list. There entertaining, fun and just what the doctor ordered for having a great time!

Disclaimer Statement

  I received one or more of the products mentioned above from Nickelodeon at no charge for review purposes only. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and were not influenced by any other source. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC.


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