Hair loss in women.

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Hair loss is a struggle that not only affects men. Many women are facing the same issue with losing hair. It is usually known to society that only men are the ones burdened with hair loss. Tons of advertisements on TV and magazine ads as well as online and on the radio convince us of this. Just about everywhere you turn you can see some special product or treatment to help men regain that full head of hair that they once had. Women have been suffering in silence for a long time, until now. According to the American Hair Loss Association, recent studies have shown that nearly 40 percent of women experience hair loss before reaching 40. The most common group of women to suffer from female pattern baldness are middle-aged women.

Baldness usually comes with age, but not necessarily all cases are the same. Stress or illness are also determining factors to whether or not hair loss will rear its ugly head (no pun intended). Genetic hair loss is usually contained hair loss on the top of the head. Diffuse hair loss is all over the head and not just on one general area. This can cause problems with one’s self-image, which can lead to depression. This is an ugly issue that nobody likes to deal with, making it take a toll on self-esteem.

Fortunately thanks to medical advancements and technology, there is a huge army of solutions and hair growth products for women to help one win the hair war they were forced to take on. This common problem has a variety of solutions that can help with hair issues according to your specific needs and even price range. Everything from medical procedures to oils and creams, shampoos and treatments promise to give you a full head of hair and help you fight hair loss. With millions and counting suffering from hair loss, you can imagine all the money the hair industry is making. The billion dollar industry is also gaining revenue for selling products that specifically target hair growth in women, and they are flying off shelves!

To determine whether or not a product or treatment is right for you, you’ll have to research your options and as well seeing which has the best rating on restoring hair growth in women. If you are a woman, you’ll need to see which product is tailored specifically for women. What kind of results do you want? How bad is the hair loss? These are just a few of the many questions you have to ask yourself when making the right choice. Women are now speaking out, growing tired of the agonizing silence many ladies are now able to do something about it. It’s worth looking into non-surgical treatments like pro before considering hair transplants added a hair loss treatment Melbourne clinic.

This devastating condition is as bad for women as it is for men. Through treatment and proper hair care, no longer must you hide your head in shame! As soon as you start to notice clumps of hair in your brush or at the bottom of your shower drain, it’s better to be safe and start looking at options to give you a head start on your journey.



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