Guidelines for buying a mattress that you will love

Who doesn’t love their bed? It doesn’t matter who you are what job background you come from without a good 8 hours of sleep your reproductively will get hampered. Not everyone can sleep like a baby all the time; there are really fussy people who will have their personal preference while sleeping. These people always need that optimum level of comfort to sleep, no more and certainly no less. For those fussy people mattress and sheets play a major role in their sleeping habits and a good mattress is their lifeline. Not every mattress is made the same way and thus different mattresses will deliver different levels of comfort to a user. There is a lot that goes in making a world class mattress and a single alteration can have drastic effects. It also depends on the user, his needs and preferences on how he wants his mattress to be. Thus it is fit to say that it is a tricky thing to buy but if you keep in mind a few simple factors then it will make your life easier and help you have the new love of your life.

10 things you need to know before buying a mattress from an online vendor

  1. Type

It is important that you carefully choose the type of mattress very carefully. There are essentially three types of mattresses that are available in the market- foam mattress, innerspring mattress and adjustable air mattress. Foam mattress is usually the most common type of mattress that is widely used; if you like your bed on the softer side and not too bouncy you will love a good foam mattress. It will also soothe your back pain. If you are one of those who like to sink in their beds as they sleep and their beds to be bouncy then innerspring mattresses are your best bet. And lastly if you come from a humid climate and have issues with sweaty backs while sleeping you should go for the last type that is your safest pick. Choose according to your preference and problem areas.

  1. Comfort-

Another major factor that is to be kept in mind when you choose a mattress is how comfortable you are with your mattress. If you have severe back pain or are a very sensitive sleeper always go for the safest bet that is a memory foam mattress. Feel your mattress before you buy it and if you are buying it from an online retailer make sure that they provide an exchange for their product because who wants to be stuck with a mattress that they hate?

  1. Motion separation

If you share your bed with another person and either you or your partner is a very fickle sleeper then this factor is very important to you. Some people have this habit of constantly moving and changing positions in their sleep and that habit might affect the other person. So buy a mattress that has a motion separation; this feature will absorb all the motion and will not allow the other person to get disturbed.

  1. Edge support

Again this is something of a personal preference, some people like their beds to be firmer. If you sleep towards the edge of the bed you will need this feature. Having a firmer edge will help your sleeping positions, some mattresses are made with certain material that provides an automatic edge support. If you want an edge support you should go for a spring mattress as it provides an excellent support for your back.

  1. Warranty

Make sure that your retailer is giving you a decent warranty time. An average warranty period on a standard mattress is for about 10 to 15 years. If you are spending a sustainable amount of money on your mattress make sure that if not more you get the minimum 10 year warranty. Also you should check for seals and authentic stamps of the manufacturer on your product. Never accept something that has any kind of stain on it or has the plastic tampered in any way. If you find your mattress to be dirty and not up to the mark, immediately contact the customer service people with a few pictures of the problem areas.

  1. Size

There are various shapes and sizes that you can go for when it comes to buying a mattress. It is unnecessary to buy a huge mattress if you are going to be the sole user of it. A king size or a queen size bed is always your best bet if you are a family man.

  1. Firmness

Some people prefer a firm mattress over a soft one or maybe the other way around. It can be soft, medium soft, medium firm or firm. Read the specifications of your mattress carefully before you buy so that you get an idea about the softness or simply contact the customer support.

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