GhostBed Mattress, now I sleep like a baby!

ghostbedlogoIf you’ve never checked out GHOSTBED I think you better check them out soon if you’re in the market for a new mattress.

The GhostBed by Nature’s Sleep is by far the most comfortable bed I’ve ever had! This mattress conforms to your body, provides optimal support and is ready to give you  the perfect night sleep your body deserve. It was developed using more than 35 years of mattress design experience and has the best materials and skilled American craftsmanship. With top quality latex and gel memory foam and a commitment to never take shortcuts, GhostBed guarantees your sleep satisfaction every time you lay your head down.

This mattress truly surprised me when it arrived to my home in a box!
I’ve never seen a mattress in a box before! The box wasn’t too heavy and not too large. At this point, I’m really excited to see how this will all play out!  I thought to myself and said, “There’s really a mattress in there!” Lol.
Let’s get to the unboxing of this awesome product. My husband and I opened the box in our living room and once we pulled out the mattress, it immediately began to open up on its own and take shape. Before the mattress opened all the way, we had to hurry and carry the mattress to the bedroom before we were stuck with a queen sized mattress in the living room.

See our video below of unboxing! We loved the experience and if you are planning on getting their mattress make sure to always look for a Ghostebed coupon so that you can save!

We finished opening the mattress in our bedroom and the mattress formed into an actual mattress.ghostbed2

At this point the GhostBed by Nature’s Sleep had both my husband and I mouths wide opened! After a few, the bed took its complete form and before we knew it we saw a cute GhostBed T-shirt! (Thanks for the gift!) It can take up to 24 hours for the mattress to acclimate completely.


 Before we were able to make the bed, we both laid on the bed and noticed that this is one amazing mattress! When I say that this was the most comfortable mattress in the world, I MEAN IT! This mattress was soft, smooth, plushy, thick with a touch of firmness, and it’s stylish and cool. I don’t know how Ghostbed by Nature’s Sleep did it, but they gave us a touch of heaven with our queen sized mattress.
We added our bedsheets and duvet cover and made the bed up after laying on it for about 20 minutes. The Ghostbed has the perfect mixture of softness and firmness. We literally watched our bed come to life and it feels amazing. I would definitely recommend the Ghostbed by Nature’s Sleep to anyone.

My overall view of the GhostBed is it’s  perfect for me and my husband, we’ve had a few mattresses but nothing like this one. Having the proper mattress is very important to your body, it will actually help determine how you sleep and feel the next day. I can truly say for the last two weeks we have gotten the best sleep in years because the Ghost Bed offered more than comfort but a perfect balance to our body also!

The Ghost Bed mattress measures in at 11″ inches total height. There’s  7½” inches of high density base layer for increased support and longevity. It also has 2″ Gel memory foam uses a proprietary formula with larger cells to make it more reactive to the body for cooler nights. And finally, there’s 1½” of continuous aerated latex foam that is naturally responsive, plush and does not retain heat.

The mattress is covered with an ultra- soft, comfortable, flexible and durable cover made with a blend of viscose and polyester. The cover also easily zips off for easy spot cleaning. Well there you have it an awesome , comfortable, mattress that is sure to help your body relax.


Don’t wait visit Ghost Bed today to see more about their mattresses and don’t forget to connect with them via Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest|.


Now I’m off to go lay in my Ghost Bed….lol!!





  1. We’ve been looking for a new mattress for a long time! I can’t wait to show this to my husband when he gets home from is business trip!!! I think this might be the one!!!

  2. I haven’t heard of this brand before, but I am intrigued by a mattress that comes in a box and when unboxed becomes a mattress that is super comfy to sleep on. Thanks for the informative review, this looks like it would be something I would love to have for my home.

  3. This looks very comfy! I bet this helps one get a restful night’s sleep!

  4. I’m looking for a mattress that will help with neck and back issues. This one sounds like it may help.

  5. boy bringing home a matress has sure gotten a lot easier. My first queen matress needed a convertable car and my husband holding on to drive it home.

  6. It sounds comfortable. I have trouble getting to sleep at night . The Ghost Bed mattress may be just what I need.

  7. I’m sure glad you had a video because I was confused on what in the world this was all about! lol I hope you will post an update after 6 months to a year. I would love to hear more feed back, curious to know how well it holds up and what else you have to say after you get a lot of use from it.

  8. That is so cool that it comes in that little box! I would love one of these.

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  10. I’ve been hearing a lot about these mattresses. They sound awesome!

  11. It sounds comfortable. My daughter was sent one of these too. I’ve been seeing them everywhere.

  12. This mattress sounds amazing! We are in the market for a new one, and this sounds like one we need to check into!

  13. This would be awesome my mattresses suck

  14. Wow, how cool is this. I would like to try this, I wonder how it would feel on my back and hips/

  15. This is one that I would love to try.

  16. I saw these on tv and wondered how well they worked. Thanks for the review.

  17. Amazing a queen sized mattress actually fit in that small box. I guess no box springs are needed? I am intrigued.

  18. I’ve been wondering about these. I was wondering they actually feel like a mattress. We need a new one and this would be a great choice for us.. Thank you!

  19. Great review. This sounds like an awesome mattress. I want one now!

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  21. Great, positive review! Glad it is so comfortable. I like a touch a firmness without being hard. Thanks for the heads up on taking a day to actually be a bed. Looks like it sits well, too.

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  25. Pillows conform to your head, but this is the first mattress I have heard of that conforms to your body. Nice! It’s about time.

  26. I have a hard time sleeping because of back pain. Maybe this mattress would help with that.

  27. Ghost bed sounds wonderful just bought two new memory pillows last month hubby picked his firm I wanted to get mine soft but hubby talked me into a step down from firm. Going to have to find where to get me a ghost bed next. Have a bad back and hard to sleep through the night

  28. It is amazing that that mattress came out of that box, it looks so comfortable. We are mattress shopping I think it is taking longer than shopping for our wedding bands did.

  29. This looks like an interesting product – Thanks for the chance to win the pillows!

  30. wow that’s pretty awesome. Hard to believe something in a box would be firm enough to sleep comfortably on. I’d really love to see the & try it. Not that I doubt your word LOL just saying I’m really curious as to how it feels

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  35. I have heard so many good things about this bed!

  36. This mattress sounds amazing! I have always wanted to try a foam mattress but was concerned with whether it would be too soft or not. I also love that this mattress keeps you cool at night. I definitely think this would help improve my neck pain. Thank you so much for your review! 🙂

  37. This looks like a Godsend!

  38. Ghost Bed Mattress looks like complete comfort! We are now sleeping on a Memory Foam Mattress that we set up the same way as the Ghost Bed Mattress. It is the Most Comfortable bed we have ever had! After 51 yrs of Wedded Bliss we found a Great Mattress. I will definitely remember the Name Ghost Bed Matress the next time we are needing a New one! Thankyou for Sharing this wonderful review with us!

  39. This looks interesting. I was just thinking the other day that we really need to research for a new mattress. We’ve had ours since 1997.

  40. It definitely makes a huge difference the next day where and what you sleep on. It sounds like this Ghostbed is a winner!

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