Getting Ahead in Your Cybersecurity Career

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Cybersecurity is something both businesses and individuals need to be aware of in the modern age. Most people have probably experienced some form of virus or malware on their computers that resulted from a security breach, and for some who are even more misfortunate, they may have found that their bank details or other personal information have been hacked and used fraudulently. Even the most minor of cybersecurity breaches can be frustrating and cause problems, which is why it has never been more important to understand what the correct security measures are across these digital platforms.

This is why moving into a career in cybersecurity can be a great opportunity for someone who has a passion for IT, as this specialism will always be in demand as cybersecurity evolves. If you’re an individual who is working in cybersecurity or is interested in doing so, here are some tips on how you can get ahead in your career.

Additional Qualifications

To get a job in IT, you will already have a college degree, but if you want to stand out and climb the career ladder, you might want to look at getting additional qualifications and training, especially in cybersecurity specifically. You can choose to pursue a master’s degree in this if you’d like, but you might also want to look at this Digital Badge in Cybersecurity Kelley School of Business online program, which focuses on some of the key things you will be expected to know in your role, including the laws surrounding cybersecurity. Getting these additional qualifications will highlight how dedicated you are to a career in cybersecurity and provide you with a wealth of knowledge that you can use in your career.

Stay Up-to-Date

The world of Information Technology is always evolving, and if you want to get ahead in your cybersecurity career, you must keep up-to-date with the latest developments in your field and beyond. You can do this by reading relevant publications that discuss new threats and the evolution of cybersecurity systems, including online blogs written by experts. You could also attend conferences when the opportunities marries or take part in online seminars and listen to talks by leaders in the field about their latest work. Learn about the latest security protocols, such as customer identity and access management (CIAM). Knowledge like this will look great on your resume.


Networking is useful in any type of career as making contacts could help you hear about new career opportunities and potentially get you job offers. Although networking can feel daunting at first, you might find that getting to know other professionals in your field outside of your usual place of work will boost your confidence, and you might even make good friends out of it. If you want to get ahead in your career, you need to be able to talk to the right people and make a good impression, so start networking early on so that people start to recognize your name and face on the circuit.

If you want to move ahead in your cybersecurity career, use the tips above to help you achieve your goals and land your dream job.




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