Get Your Kids Outside More Often With These Great Backyard Tips

Kids are spending less and less time enjoying the outdoors every year. With technology invading so many aspects of our daily life, it’s easy to understand that there are more entertaining things to do inside than in your outdoor spaces.

Kids used to spend more time outside playing with friends, running around in the yard or riding bikes through the neighborhood than they do today. On any given day, a child spends more than 6 hours per day engaged in some sort of technology. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, video game console or television, kids are “plugged in” now more than ever before.

If you are constantly battling to get your kids out in the fresh air, there are some great things that you can do right in your own backyard to entice them out of the house. From planting a family garden to creating a comfortable and relaxing outdoor space with San Diego patio covers, there are plenty of ways to get your family outside to enjoy the summer together.

Family Garden

Kids are never too young to start learning about where their food comes from. Teaching sustainable skills like gardening and horticulture to your children can benefit them for a lifetime. Even little ones get a real thrill out of planting, watching their food grow and serving it at the table after harvest. The natural cycle can become fascinating even at a young age. Enjoy some incredible family quality time with a family garden. Assign maintenance chores to each family member so that everyone can get involved in the fun.

Water Table

If you have toddlers or small children, a water table feature is always a big hit. If you don’t have the space or budget for a backyard pool, your kids can still enjoy splashing around in a specially designed water table. With only a few inches of water, your kids will play, splash and explore with their toys right in your own yard. Kids Water Tables can often be turned into a sand table or a craft/play table for older kids.

Hang Out Space

Even if your kids won’t part with their online devices, getting them outside is the first step. Create a comfortable lounging space where your older kids can hang out in the fresh air while still keeping their WiFi connection. Exposure to sun and fresh air has the same energizing results on your kids as it does on most flowers and plants. Humans need to get back into the wide open more often. Start by encouraging a regular outdoor schedule for your kids. If they are just sitting around in the house glued to a screen, suggest that they take it outside instead.

Games & Sports

Even if your kids aren’t interested in playing organized sports, you can still get them outside and moving with games and sports in the yard. A simple soccer ball to kick around, a small trampoline to bounce on or a couple of bikes to race around can go a long way to encouraging your kids to spend more time out in the yard.



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