Should You Get a Home Cinema or Just Use a Real Cinema?

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With the emergence of home cinemas and the access we have to so many films online now, it’s a wonder that cinemas still exist. Technology is ever changing, however, just because technology is changing does not mean that we have to give up everything that we know. Besides, there is still something magical about going to the cinema and nothing else quite compares…or does it? Here, we compare the two experiences to see if home cinemas really are the future…

Media Quality

If you are using something like these Luxury Home Cinema Room Installers you can create an environment which is very similar to a real cinema, in your own home. You’ll have a large top-quality screen and surround sound, and with the lights down it can be an exciting and invigorating experience. However, real cinemas are able to accommodate and design entire rooms with acoustics in mind, and they have the space to install huge 820-inch screens for your viewing pleasure.

One of the main benefits of a home cinema, however, is that you can have total control over what is playing. If it is slightly too loud you can turn it down, and if someone needs the toilet you can simply pause it rather than missing a chunk of a film that you’ve paid to see. Which brings us to another point- with home cinemas you own the films and can watch them as many times as you’d like.


The environment in which you are able to watch a film at home is considerably more appealing than that of a cinema. While you can find cinemas with luxury recliner seats and plenty of space, they will never beat the comfort of your own sofa and all the blankets are cushions you could ever wish for, not to mention the levels of cleanliness. Queuing for the cinema is a pet peeve you can miss out entirely by choosing a home cinema, and you can always guarantee that you’ll have the best seat in the house rather than struggling to get a good view, and squeezing past a whole line of people if you need to leave for any reason.

In a real cinema the audience can help to create a sense of excitement about the film, and in turn a sense of community from a shared interest. However, you’re also likely to get some members of the audience who talk through the film, use their phones, eat loudly, and partake in other annoying activities so for this reason it can be nice to stay home to watch the film.


Even though there will be an initial cost to set up your home cinema, the cost of visiting a commercial cinema multiple times a year can really add up, especially now that the cost of going to the cinema is increasing, thanks to the decrease in popularity as a result of online access to films. As well as your ticket, you’re also likely to buy the overpriced snacks and drinks, which you can make a big saving on by stocking up on them at home.

Although there are size and sound restrictions when it comes to using a home cinema, you can still have a fantastic film experience thanks to the high-tech speakers and screen. You can sit in ultimate comfort in your own home and you can have total control over the settings.

Despite the fact that you might miss out on the communal excitement of a commercial setting, you also miss out on frustrating audience members and queues. Considering the saving you also make; a home cinema seems to come out on top in the race for the best film experience. For more advice on possible home improvements, you should check out this article about how to make a new home from your old one!


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