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Genuine vs. Composite Materials: Which is better for Interior Design?

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The great debate between composite (vinyl, laminate, etc.) and organic (natural wood, marble, concrete, etc.) materials has been a conflict between homeowners and interior designers. In one aspect, the availability of composite materials has made it easier for homeowners to be flexible with their interior design without having to worry too much about the material’s cost. On the other hand, purists believe that authentic materials are of the best quality and are unmatched regarding color, weight, and even ‘feel’. If you’re looking to find an answer to the debate, here are some points to consider so that you can decide for yourself the best solution to an age-old debacle.

Items for the right room

Most homeowners run through multiple questions such as “Who can I ask to assess my flooring?” or “Where can I purchase granite worktops near me?”, or even “How do I match the colors of my ceiling with my walls?” Most homeowners don’t ask the right question, which is “Should this material be in this room?”

For example, you wouldn’t expect you or your guests to be spilling water all over your bedroom, so the smart assumption would be to have furniture and materials that do not need to be water-resistant in such rooms. However, if you’re looking to expect wetness and moisture in an area, try using slip-free material that has proper drainage and insulation, such as laminate vinyl in bathrooms.

The main issue with materials and furniture being damaged easily is because they’re being used in the wrong places.

Consistent maintenance

If you’re spending too much on improving one material to fit the conditions of the room, then you might be better off choosing a different and cheaper alternative instead. If you’re a little bit stubborn in committing to your room’s theme, then you better be prepared to know the quirks of the materials that you want to use. Organic materials used for kitchen worktops, such as natural wood, need multiple coatings to prevent them from absorbing stains and make them slightly more scratch-resistant compared to the durable and reliable granite. Consistent maintenance can extend your furniture’s lifespan. If your installations require high maintenance, then you need to commit to having a more regular routine for washing and cleaning.

The verdict

The best aspect about composite materials is that they’re made so that they can mimic the look of natural objects with the bonus of being resistant to different types of environmental damage. However, a true connoisseur knows that looks can be deceiving. If you’re looking to sell eventually, organic material prices are definitely increasing by the day. One of the best investments you could make if you’re in the housing market is owning authentic furniture pieces and house paraphernalia which can be sold at a way higher market price.


If you’re looking for practicality, then composite materials might be the best use of your money. But if you’re looking for an investment, then natural ones might be better for you.





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