How to Find Great Magento Developers for Your E-Commerce Website?

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In a world where every single commodity, product, service, and a dream can be traded online, the importance of e-commerce is proving to be pivotal. The newest generation with the highest purchasing power in their pocket– the Gen-Z– looking to avoid as much human interaction as possible, desire for the online means of getting products and services.

Now that this is no longer a luxury and proper supply chain management blueprints have made e-commerce scalable, people are stepping into this business without giving it too much thought.

These e-commerce websites get their marketable flair from their look and feel and the best look and feel comes with Magento a platform built especially for e-commerce. This platform gives developers a brisk idea to create e-commerce websites. These websites contain all the necessary features that are a must for product catalog, shopping cart, and checkout portal. A Magento based store is built on Magento and it involves installation and configuration of themes along with customization.

Magento developers are the maestros of developing these websites. It’s a whole different prowess and that is why a Magento developer should be appointed to work on it rather than a mainstream, generic one. Let’s see what a Magento developer does.

What Comes in the Job Description of a Magento Developer?

A Magento developer builds and supervises websites that specialize in the e-commerce niche. Magento websites are built by a team of Magento developers and designers and they are simply developers with a special knack for Magento as a platform. There are two types of Magento developers and the skills can be seen as somewhat similar to generic development.

A front-end Magento developer is a connoisseur in Magento themes and replicates the designer’s sketches and blueprints to life. The front end developer strives to make your website look supremely premium and responsive on both mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Back-end Magento developers, however, love to get their hands dirty in extensive and intricate lines of code. By working on extensions along with new widgets and extra customization, they give Magento websites a USP.

If we are looking at the specifics, here are a few things that come in the job description of a Magento developer:

  • Installation and configuration of Magento website and its framework.
  • Crafting the Magento themes from the list of default designs and customizing them if needed.
  • Optimization of Magento performance and reducing the load time.
  • Configuration of multilingual and multi-currency options in the Magento stores.
  • Installation and configuration of payment getaways with PayPal, RazorPay, etc.
  • Third-party integration with Magento– be it accounts, customer relationship management (CRM) software or more complex partnerships.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) of Magento websites for the enhancement of organic presence on the internet.

Now that you are looking for a Magento developer to give a unique look and feel of your e-commerce website. Let’s look at some tips that might come handy when you’re hiring a perfect Magento developer.


The Magento developer you plan to work with should sport an adequate amount of experience in that very field. Sure, the experience might not be the sole indicator of ones’ work, but even for newbies, at least check their learning experience to understand how good they are with Magento. Experience brings a lot of innovation to it.


This is a must when you’re shopping for a person with skills. Clients don’t just walk in and hire developers, designers and writers by looking at their faces, they have to look at their skills, expertise, and company’s portfolio. Sometimes even the smallest of organizations working on web and Magento development comes with a very strong portfolio for that’s what showcases their work. A nifty portfolio is enough to get the contract of a wise client.

Aspirations and Vision

Are you and the developer on the same page? The answer to that question should be yes because if it’s not, then you need to have a tough talk with the Magento developer or say “it’s not you, it’s me” and get back on the market to shop for another developer. Communication is key as the developer has to understand the client’s requirements before making a move.

Pricing and Reviews

The artist works talks, but money makes the ‘ka-ching’ noise. Check the Magento developer’s reviews before deciding on it and do ensure that the price suits your pockets as a client. Don’t go too far below the industry standards though.

Now, you’re ready to hire a Magento developer!

Now that you have a solid idea of what a Magento developer is, what they do and what to look for when hiring one, it’s time to realize your dream of having an e-commerce website with a Magento developer in your arsenal.



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