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Features you didn’t know about vinyl fencing

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Vinyl fencing was not a common name or practice even a few years ago. It took many years for vinyl fencing to gain the popularity that it deserved. Many people didn’t even know about it; they didn’t know how it was better to go for vinyl fencing than the traditional wood fencing.

Often times many of us wonder which fencing to choose; because the old traditional wooden fencing are not a bad to idea to go for either, but newer time demands newer ways. Vinyl fencing is the innovation of the modern time. It came as a solution to all the problems we were facing due to the wooden fencing; like spending a fortune on the maintenance, them being highly sensitive to weather changes etc.

Traditional wooden fencing too had its own benefits and advantages but at the same time we need to understand the fact that vinyl fencing became a common practice and has attracted the attention of most of us because its benefits outnumbers the benefits of the wooden fencing. In this article we would be putting light on all the features of vinyl fencing to make it easier for those who are thinking for other fencing options than the traditional wooden ones. Moreover, by the end of the article, it would be easier to decide that why vinyl fencing is the best option available right now. We will cover all of it so by the end you will have all of your questions answered.

Features of vinyl fencing:

  • Colors and designs

Compared to other fencing methods, one of the highlight features of vinyl fencing is its versatility. It comes with so many colors and styles that you have a range of them to decide from. You can choose yourself the style, which would look good with the landscaping of your home, or you can take help from our experts from the Vinyl fencing Orlando. Whatever the way, at the end of the day you have many styles to choose from.

The most popular style that we have here is “Tongue and Groove Privacy” which is 6’ high white total privacy fence. The best thing about this fencing is that it can look the same even years after installation and cherry on top; it requires no maintenance.

Other styles, which are popular and liked by most of our clients are lattice and stake top tongue and groove, picket fence, PVC vertical shadow box and horse rail fencing.

A tan and a darker tan color called khaki are available for all these styles. But you don’t have to follow a fixed pattern when it comes to choosing colors; they can be mixed as well to form a new color or have different color pattern for the same fence.

  • Strength

It is sometimes harder for many people to understand that how vinyl fencing can be strong because they are made of PVC which is basically a plastic. It is quite interesting because its tensile strength is five times more than wood. PVC is flexible too, like when you hold 6’ high privacy PVC fence you can sway the fence back and forth. Now if this is not interesting than I don’t know what is. It is about four times more flexible than wood but that shouldn’t make you belief that it is not strong. It is strong and it is flexible, Period.

  • Maintenance

This is probably the reason why almost everyone is shifting to vinyl fencing leaving behind all the traditional ways. Vinyl fencing requires no maintenance at all. And this is really amazing because the traditional wooden fence are prone to damage due to change of weather, moisture and raining and thus requiring maintenance every once in a while which costs a lot and it is a lot of hard work on your behalf too. The wooden fencing are not very expensive to install but the maintenance they require every once on a while costs a lot in a long run. While the vinyl fencing, are expensive to install but once you get them installed, they save you a lot of money on maintenance.

Vinyl fencing are even and smooth with a non-porous surface; making it highly unlikely for mildews to grow here. They are grow on the vinyl fencing if the weather is extreme and wettest but at the same time, even if the mildew manage to grow here they can be removed very easily with water mixed with some detergent. Like the way you remove a normal dirt. Any harsh cleaning method like scraping, staining or painting is not required at all.

  • Cost

A common perception among people circulated when the vinyl fencing was gaining popularity that they cost more than double the price of wood fencing. These things made many people go for the traditional fencing methods, which they thought were less expensive compared to vinyl fencing.  But to break it to everyone who wanted the vinyl fencing but thought they couldn’t afford it; the prices have come down considerably and it is very much affordable.

The pricing of the vinyl fencing although, has come down significantly but it may still cost you a little more than the wooden fencing. but if you look at the bigger picture, spending a little more on something which is durable and need no maintenance is a lot better than getting something cheaper and having to repair it every other time. At the end of the day, the only thing that matter is the quality of the fencing and the fact that which one is useful in a long run.

  • Recyclable

Since vinyl fencing is basically made from PVC which is a plastic, many people thought they are not healthy for the environment because they are not recyclable and that’s why they should not be used. However, all these assumptions are wrong and have no basis, because many parts of the this fencing are completely and 100% recyclable. If you ever have to remove the fence, you can recycle it and change it into some other product by melting it down with a recycling plant.

There are many things to consider when it comes to vinyl fencing, for more information please visit: https://allcountyfence.com/services/vinyl-pvc-fencing/


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